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African Safari GroupTours & Travels

African Safari Group is an inbound tour operator which offers African trip services. They provide lavish accommodations, safari experiences, activities, and different dining options, and help manage African adventure trips. African Safari Group is a member of Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA), African Travel & Tourism Association (Atta) and Cape Town Tourism. The art behind luxury tourism is what makes this company exclusive and is also the cornerstone of their enormous success.

The key project focus was on technical advancements, having graphical assets, content enrichment, applying and managing Content Management System (CMS). Pixlogix enabled modernized filters, Google map integrations and getting the plugins right to gear-up the functioning of client’s business.

  • Strategy
  • Logo & Stationary Design
  • UI / UX
  • Responsive HTML5
  • WordPress Development
  • Implementation
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Support & Maintenance
  • On-Page SEO
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The luxury travel company partnered with Pixlogix to have precise functionalities to automate and modernize its business. The client required a multi-currency set-up based on geographical location for a specific region based on the IP address of visitors. The client also had problems with import/export processes from 3rd party website data with WP All Import plugins.

Faced limitations with Google map integrations for destinations with cluster markers and multiple locations like Botswana, Congo, and Kenya. Along with this, working on a combination of tour packages and accommodation lodges was also an issue for the client. The client also wanted to mechanize functionalities like Algolia search plugin, Live Chat Integration, Google Schema and enhance on-page SEO.


Blend of efforts channelized by Pixlogix to transform an intact platform for attaining essential business objectives. The principal focus was on technical advancements, having graphical assets, content enrichment, applying and managing Content Management System (CMS), encompassing sophisticated filters, Google map integrations and getting the search plugin right to gear-up the functioning of the company business.

This resulted in an all-embracing development procedure, and other technology facets attending to the system upgrades in below areas:

  • Involvement in strategic decisions focusing both on operations and business functionality
  • Fresh yet fully clean UI/ UX interfaces with a healthy positioned web content
  • Appealing user experience across multiple devices
  • End-to-end development and implementation
  • Having responsive HTML5 with high-resolution images
  • Set-up of WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Built a company feedback rating system and connected to the website
  • Integrated advanced filters for accommodation and the travel packages
  • Streamlined destination list with Google map integration based on geographic locations
  • Successfully Integrated intelligent search service – “Algolia” to boost in conversations directly from the search box
  • Steady management of Search engine web-page URLs and metadata with no consequence on existing google search rankings
  • Complete support and maintenance during as well as after the project

The complete team at Pixlogix knew the essential importance of having a straightforward mobile orientation and responsiveness compelling all possible devices bounding user experiences. Pixlogix turned around the complete solution with a responsive design layout comprising desktop / mobile / tablet orientation with precise user experiences.


Pixlogix has been one of those rare finds that have been nothing short of amazing! The team is super-effective and nothing passes through unless Samir their CEO signs it off, which has been a blessing to work with. Secretly my hope is no-one finds out about them so we can continue to use them for ourselves ;) Pixlogix team, a really big thank you. For everything thus far and undoubtedly for all the work we'll be doing in future.

Riaan A.African Safari Group @ South Africa

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    Multiple efforts and streamlined channelization that were put in by Pixlogix was that the brand had increased sales conversions have got a boost in transactions as well as revenues with a reflected rise in website traffic, which is anticipated to further grow significantly over the time period.

    The key takeaways were the overall WordPress development solutions and implementation strategy with streamlined UX/UI, consistent responsiveness, constant support as well as maintenance. On the whole, we would like to term this as a flourishing project with the supreme perfection and alliance of a precise approach to our clients’ vision

    • 38%increase in transactions
    • 63%increase in revenue
    • 85%increase in site visits
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