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Industry: Ecommerce Industries Service: Web Development

Arix is a prominent Italian company specializing in the domestic cleaning sector. They offer a wide range of cleaning products, including sponges, cloths, and personal hygiene items, and have a strong presence in both domestic and international markets.

Arix was looking for a website that could reduce their eCommerce inventory related and purchase management related effort. With this, they also wanted to build their client base by online platform. They wanted us to build a simple website that can be user-friendly and easy to maintain.

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Core Features

Core Features
Project Brief:

For this requirement, we offered them a WordPress Development solution as that would provide more scalability. We've created a user-friendly platform that can allow customers to use any possible filter or sorting option. We've also taken care of the amount of content to be included, social media integration and all device testing.

  • Multiple Storefronts: Creating a versatile platform that supports multiple storefronts to cater to different markets and customer segments.
  • Megamenu Development: Implementing an extensive and user-friendly megamenu to facilitate easy navigation through the product catalog.
  • Advanced Search and Filter Options: Providing robust search and filtering tools to find specific products quickly.
  • Flexible Product Catalog: Building a flexible catalog system to accommodate Arix's diverse range of cleaning and personal hygiene products.
  • Secure Payment and Checkout: Ensuring secure payment processing and a smooth, hassle-free checkout experience for customers.
  • Order Management: Developing efficient order management tools to handle customer orders effectively and provide order tracking capabilities.
  • Marketing and Promotions Event Creation: Enabling the creation of marketing events and promotions to attract and retain customers.
  • Integration and Extensions: Integrating necessary third-party extensions and plugins to enhance website functionality
  • Analytics and Reporting: Implementing analytics tools for tracking website performance and customer behavior, allowing data-driven decision-making.

Tools & Technology used

  • html-white-svg
  • css-3
  • jquery-4
  • wordpress-white-svg

What we were responsible for

  • UX Reserach
  • UX Design
  • Frontend development
  • Wordpress Development

Key Benefits

Key Features
  • Global Reach
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Product Diversity
  • Security and Trust
  • Efficient Operations
  • Marketing Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Informed Decisions

Testimonials from client

You guys have done a great work.

You guys have done a great work. I'm happy with the quick support! Well done guys! Hopefully sending other projects soon.


Bruno I.

What’s Next?

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