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Jun 30 2021

The secret of magento 2 product attachments extension

The secret of magento 2 product attachments extension

Just imagine visiting a website to buy a product and finding no product information attached. Wouldn’t that be so disheartening? How can anyone make a sure decision to buy a product without having at least the necessary information attached to the product?

Customers are the supportive fuel for any online business. Thus, not providing them with the desired information would directly affect the number of visitors, website traffic, and bounce rate. It is, therefore, one of the basic needs to have such an extension that can keep all these things sorted.

Also, if you are selling some complicated products or customer-oriented products, it becomes even more important to provide all the right information to your audience. When the customers and buyers have the right information, it brings them closer to the purchase, assuring better revenues for the business.

Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing about such an extension to manage all the updated product information on your website? That is why we are here with one of the most amazing – Magento 2 product attachments extension for your help.

The extension comes with many necessary benefits making it a must-have asset for almost all online businesses. Whether you are a well-established and popular business or a start-up, this Magento 2 extension can help you in many unexpected ways to enhance the business’s growth. Keep your customers informed about the various products by relying on this amazing Magento 2 extension.

If you are still wondering why this Magento 2 product attachment extension is so popular amongst businesses, we are here with all the information you need. Let us begin with understanding the various features that this extension offers.

What is the Magento 2 product attachments extension?

Magento 2 product attachments extension

Do you want your customers to know your products better? Do you want to pass all the relevant information and product details to your customers with maximum ease and convenience?

If yes, then the Magento 2 product attachments extension is all you need. Thanks to the extension, you can be sure that your customers will get all the information about their chosen products without any hassles or struggles.

The Magento 2 product attachments extension of Pixlogix supports various informative materials, ensuring that every piece of information related to a particular product reaches the customers before they make any buying decision. Our offered extension supports:

  • How to guides
  • Promotion materials
  • Driver information, etc.

Your customers can download all the required information with the product without any complications. Not just this. Amidst the edge-cutting competition, you can attract your customers’ attention and eyes by using an attractive and catchy icon with your product’s attachment.

The extension is full of many amazing, effective, and efficient features that can promise all the deserving benefits for your online business. Let us have a look at the variety of offered features by the Magento 2 product attachments extension without any further delay.

Offered features by the extension:

The extension is highly reliable to share all the required, desired and expected information to the customers and buyers. Let your buyers get relevant, right, and complete product details with the help of this Magento 2 product attachment extension.

The extension enables the product pages with many special attachments to upload various documents supporting the product’s details and information. It opens opportunities to attach user guides, product certificates, product licenses, etc. Moreover, the extension also allows the online stores to attach the same file with multiple products and categories without special extra efforts.

Having all the needed information available in a single place reduces the bounce rate of the customers while encouraging impromptu buying. Therefore, online businesses should make sure to collect and present all the needful products’ information on the product page.

The extension is not just limited to uploading the product details and information but has a lot more to offer to the store owners and the customers. Would you be interested in knowing the offered features?

Here is the list of some of the amazing features available with the Magento 2 product attachment extension of Pixlogix:

1. Attaching different links with attachments:

To start with, this Magento 2 attachment helps the store owners to conveniently attach different links with the product attachments. Moreover, it supports different types of links to ensure providing the maximum support and ease to the store owners.

On the other hand, it also ensures that the customers are also given all the needed information and the basic product description. The attachment of different links is one of the easiest ways of doing so.

The extension also makes it really simple and convenient for the store owners to manage all the attached links without any hassles. Online businesses can keep track of all the attached links to ensure that it is reaching to the right audiences.

2. Uploading multiple files:

The extension provides effective file uploading management, allowing the store owners to upload an unlimited number of files with a specific product. This helps the businesses to maintain their product detail page without much effort.

The store owners also have the privilege to choose the format of the file they upload. The extension is compatible with the following types of files:

  • Jpg
  • Jpeg
  • Gif
  • Png
  • Pdf
  • CSV
  • Bmp
  • Txt
  • Doc
  • Docx
  • Xls
  • Xlsx
  • Ppt
  • Pptx
  • Zip
  • Mp3
  • Flash
  • Avi, and many more

This proves to be an extremely beneficial quality as it allows different users to get all the product information they need in their compatible format. Using the extension, the business owners can reach different audience sets to ensure the worldwide growth of their business.

Moreover, the extension also makes the product files available for easy download as and when needed.

3. Easy management of the attachments:

The extension makes it really easy and convenient for the store owners to effectively manage all the attachments. The business owner can make the necessary settings and adjustments in the admin panel to manage every individual attachment for various products.

The extension maintains a separate grid for viewing and adjusting the required details of the attachments. You can very easily change the attachment’s icon, visibility, and title to make it more appealing and attractive for the customers.

Moreover, businesses can rely on this amazing extension feature to either enable or disable the status of the attachment. This ensures that the customers are never puzzled by what is presented to them. In simple words, every product attachment can be thoroughly configured by the online store owner according to the need.

The admin can further categorize and manage the attachments either user-wise or according to the customer, group to have transparent statistical analysis.

4. Effective icons management:

This goes without saying that the customers and buyers get attracted to the displayed attractions before digging in the insight information. Isn’t it?

This enhances the need to present all the details and attachments with some appealing icons that can catch anyone’s attention within no time. In this Magento 2 product attachments extension, the store owners can effectively manage the attached icons with the attachments.

You can either use pre-defined icon options or customize the same according to your liking or needs. Maintaining separate and unique icons for different attachments makes the business website attractive and helps the buyers easily recognize the needful attachment file without any complications.

It also helps the buyers to have an easy navigation path to their desired product and information. This, in return, reduces the bounce rate for online business websites.

5. Display files with useful information:

It is not always about just upload the attachment with the products. What makes it really worth it is making those attachments useful and helpful for the customers and buyers.

Thus, online businesses should make it a clear point to only upload and display files that are beneficial for making a buying decision. Doing this manually can be tough, and thus relying on this extension makes a great decision.

Thanks to this extension, all the displayed files are highly targeted attachments satisfying the needs and requirements of the users. All the displayed files should be understandable and appealing to the buyers to make them worthy.

The best part of this extension is that online business owners can attach multiple files and attachments with the product without any restrictions. Thus, the businesses can pass all the relevant and useful information to the buyers with the displayed files.

6. Controlling the download attachment limit information:

Along with viewing and observing the attached useful files, the buyers are also given the option to download the same for future use. The buyers face no problems while downloading everything that they need concerning their favorite product.

This is also made possible with the store owner’s efforts to define all the specific details in the admin control panel. Each detail concerning the file downloadability is configured by the admin, making it really convenient for them to download all the required file attachments.

Well, not just this; the admin can leverage all the statistics about the downloaded items and files to be sure of all the analyses they make. Besides, the store owners also have the power to simply show or hide the information about the download limits. The eCommerce business owners can also define the download limit and can also restrict the downloading of the attachments for the buyers.

7. Managing the display size of different attachments:

Surely, all the products need attachments but not all the attachments are of the same size. Therefore, it is important to specify the display size of the different attachments available with the product.

This feature is a bonus for the business owners as they can have a clear idea about the storage space and uploading time needed for individual attachments. On the other hand, it is also helpful for the buyers as they also can get a clear indication of the attachments’ size before downloading it.

Along with the attachment size, the admin can also define all other related details about the attached information. All the mentioned information about the product attachments can be controlled at the backend to ensure maximum convenience at the frontend.

8. Defined count numbers for attachments:

Another important quality that the Magento 2 product attachments extension by Pixlogix focuses on is to define the display settings of the number of counts for the attachments. This great feature makes managing, editing, sharing, deleting, and modifying the attachments with the utmost ease. This also prevents any risks of accidental modification or deletion of any of the attachments.

The total number of counts is managed at the backend by adjusting the specific settings in the admin control panel. This provides a transparent idea to the store owner about the total number of attachments attached to a particular product. Along with the count number of the attached files, the admin can also control, view, and manage the count of downloads in the backend with the desired settings.

Likewise, the displayed information of the number of counts in the frontend makes the buyer aware of the total number of product attachments available for viewing and downloading.

9. Managing the attachment edit page:

Along with effective management of attachments, their size, and icons, the Magento 2 product attachments extension is also beneficial for effectively manage the edit pages of the attachments.

The extension ensures adding and managing an effective and powerful product selection grid to the attachment edit page. This helps the admin and business owners conveniently select the desired product from the available grid in the attachment edit page to keep all the information and details handy.

The admins can also modify the attached product grid according to the need to improve and enhance the ease of customer selection. The customers are given the advantage of searching for any particular product in the grid to get a quick response without delay.

10. Defining specific permissions for the attachments:

Though attaching useful information and files with the product is helpful for the business owners and the buying customers, but not all the attachments are meant for everyone. There are some specific products for some specific audience base, and therefore, the attached files must be accessible only to them.

For example, you would surely not want any adult complex product to get exposed to your children or kids. Therefore, it is important to restrict the accessibility of such product’s descriptions for them.

Defining the viewing and accessibility settings for such a specific audience base can get tiring and tough, especially when you have several products across your multiple online stores. This is where you can rely on this Magento 2 product attachments extension.

The extension allows the business owners to define, modify and restrict the preview and download of certain attachments to a specific audience set. You can select the required customer groups for the preview facility without any hassles.

11. Attaching PDF to the product:

The Magento 2 product attachments extension supports and is compatible with more than 25 different file types. Considering the same, eCommerce business owners can easily attach any required file with the product.

However, the extension is also compatible and convenient to attach the desired file in PDF format with the product. The business owners can simply visit the product description page and attach the required PDF from the backend settings. The extension also allows the admin to attach multiple PDF files with the products without degrading the quality of any of them.

Along with uploading the PDF attachment file with the product, the page admins can effectively manage the attachment’s icon and related details to conveniently influence the customers’ buying decisions.

12. Adding 3rd party URL for the descriptions:

Last but not least, the Magento 2 product attachments extension is not just limited to uploading the different file types as the product description. The extension expands its use and allows the business owners to add 3rd party URLs and internal URLs for the product description rather than uploading one.

The admins can adjust the desired settings in the backend and can define the specific standards for the count, size, and format for the desired URL for attachment. However, the admins should ensure that the attached URL is authentic and secure to avoid any complications or hindrances during the purchase and buying process.

Moreover, the businesses can upload a combination of 3rd party URLs and different file types to ensure providing all the useful information to their audiences to make beneficial buying decisions without any regrets.

Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How can the Magento 2 product attachments extension be installed?

If you are thinking installing and using the Magento 2 product attachments extension would be tough, then you will be totally surprised. It is quite simple and hassle-free to install the extension for use.

Every extension package from Pixlogix comes with a user guide, installation guide, and module files that depend on the users’ type of purchase. Besides, there are import files available in the package that the businesses can refer to as examples or references for any kind of assistance.

The installation of the Pixlogix Magento 2 product attachments extension is pretty simple and convenient. It doesn’t demand anything special. The only thing you need is to have access details for FTP/SSH and following these necessary steps:

  • Backup all the information in the web directory and the store database
  • Enable the admin cache before proceeding with the installation of the extension. For doing so, simply follow the path – Systems > Tools > Cache Management
  • Extract the extension zip package and the copy folder (app)
  • Now, focus on uploading the copy folder (app) to the store root folder with the help of FTP
  • After the uploading is done, navigate to the root folder in your store in the SSH console of your server:

cd path_to_the_store_root_folder (cd public_html)

  • Now, run the following command:

php bin/Magento setup:upgrade

php bin/Magento setup:static-content:deploy

  • After this, make sure to flush the store cache
  • In the final step, log out of the system to ensure the complete installation of the extension, followed by logging in again.
  1. Is the Magento 2 product attachments extension compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, the Magento 2 product attachments extension is highly responsive with various mobile devices. You can conveniently use the extension with all types and kinds of devices without facing any problems or complications.

The Magento 2 extension is compatible with laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows phones, etc. As a result, you can use the extension from anywhere and at any time according to your convenience.

  1. What are the different file types compatible and supported by the Magento 2 product attachments extension?

The extension works well with several types of files. Here are some of the compatible file types supported by the extension:

  • Jpg
  • Jpeg
  • Png
  • CSV
  • Pdf
  • Bmp
  • Txt
  • Doc
  • Gif
  • Docx
  • Xls
  • Xlsx
  • Ppt
  • Rtf
  • Pptx
  • Zip
  • Mp3
  • Flash
  • Avi, and many more

This means that no matter which type of file you want to upload with your product, you will find that compatible with the extension. Thus, this extension is one of the most helpful tools for different types of online businesses.

  1. Do you need any other libraries or plugins to install Magento 2 product attachments extension?

No, this Magento 2 product attachments extension is free from the need for any additional libraries or plugins for its installation. It can be installed and use on its own with every comfort and ease expected.

Thus, this reduces the need to maintain or have any additional storage space for the additional plugins. Therefore, even if you are a small-scale business, you can still use this Magento 2 extension and provide all the relevant information to your customers.

Magento 2 Store

Final Words:

With the Magento 2 product attachments extension, you can delight the customers with the best buying experience. Every information or detail needed by them is instantly available for them with the help of this extension.

To sell your products to the right customers, you should be always be prepared to present the necessary information and detailed description of the product to your customer. The extension extends its support by being compatible with all types of images, videos, text, documents, and audio files. Thus, it opens a wide range of opportunities for businesses to satisfy their customers with every single detail. The Magento 2 product attachment extension by Pixlogix is a reliable and helpful tool allowing online businesses to offer all the necessary information to the customer. The extension is enabled with all the necessary features and benefits making it one of the strongest assets for a business’s growth and development.

To summarize the offered benefits, Pixlogix’s Magento 2 product attachment provides the following benefits to online businesses:

  • Addition of an unlimited number of files of different types with the product
  • Displaying different attractive icons for every individual attachment
  • Enabling different views (list view and grid view) for displaying the attachments
  • Ensuring the best benefits from customized mobile design
  • Enabling or disabling the various attachments for various products

The extension can be seen as a complete package that helps online businesses to present their products to their customers with complete associated details. Along with this, the extension is helpful for the customers to make a conscious buying decision after knowing the product inside-out with all the necessary information.

If there are still doubts about this Magento 2 extension’s reliability, please do leave a comment. We will reach out to you with the best possible assistance and help to ensure clearing all the doubts and concerning thoughts.


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