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Jan 28 2021

7 Reasons Why Magento Wins The Battle Upon Shopify

7 Reasons Why Magento Wins The Battle Upon Shopify

Battle! The phrase comes from ancient times when two kings fight with each other with their big army. Both kings want to prove them more powerful in the fight grounds.

Today, we are talking about the two kings of Ecommerce Website Development. Can you guess the name of two kings?

Well, I think this is quite easy when you are a professional in IT and have a little knowledge of ecommerce development trends graph.

The two technologies which are known as the King of Ecommerce Development are Magento and Shopify Yes, these are the two real kings who are not competing with each other in the development of ecommerce websites.

An ecommerce store must have the capabilities to satisfied the requirements of the client. It depends on the technology which is using for the development choice.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the 7 reasons why Magento wins the battle against Shopify.

Don’t think Shopify is not the better choice but we want to explain those real-time reasons that decide why people choose Magento 2 Over Shopify.

Magento Have Robust Capabilities to Win Battle Upon Shopify For Ecommerce Website Development

A). Limits of Number of Extensions: 

An ecommerce platform without an extension is completely waste or useless because an extension adds extra functionality in the store.

When we talk about the limits of add-ons extension in Shopify then we can say that users have the limits for adding an extension and on the other hand, Magento provides the opportunity to add a limitless extension in store.

Extensions are responsible for making your store more dynamic and attractive.

This is the first reason that Magento wins the battle against Shopify and provides an excellent ecommerce store running experience.

B). Economical Pricing for Small Ecommerce Site Owners:

The second reason that Magento wins the battle of choosing an ecommerce store is economical pricing. While Shopify is quite an expensive option for the people.

As a start-up, you can’t spend a large amount of money on launching a website. As a smart business owner, you may always be looking for an affordable pricing technology for the development of the store.

Thus, Magento is never the bad choice for you to save money on the development costing.

C). No Accountability of Customization:

Well, the third reason for considering Magento rather than Shopify is no accountability of Customization. The fact is no limits to customization in Magento for the users. On the other hand, Shopify is not allowed for all kinds of customization.

Don’t live with the accountability of customizations when you have an amazing choice of Magento. Your ecommerce store must have advanced capabilities to attract more users.

You can do unlimited customization in the ecommerce store when the use of technology is Magento.

Shopify has limits for customization. Hence, when you are a customization lover and want to decorate your store according to your desires footprints then Magento works effectively for you. 100% Freedom for customization is only possible in an open-source platform (Like Magento). You can also instruct customization features to Magento Development Company. 

D). Shopify is Not For Multi-Language Ecommerce Platform:

The audience of the ecommerce website is wide and came across from different regions and communities. The audience language may also different depends on the region.

Therefore, if you want to target a multi-language audience for your store then Shopify is not the better choice for you. This ecommerce framework does not allow for the support of Multi-Language Support.

Magento allows for using Multi-Language functionality for the wide audience target goals.

E). Commission Fee on Payment Mode:

The most important and robust reason through which Magento Wins the battle against Shopify is the extra fee on payment.

Yes, Shopify charges a transaction or commission fee on the payment gateway but Magento not. Hence, if you are not interested to pay a commission on the transaction from your ecommerce store then come in the place of Magento over Shopify.

This reason attracts so many users to consider only and only Magento and not Shopify for their ecommerce store development.

F). Magento Welcomes for Technical SEO Goals:

Search engine optimization is playing a vital role in the success and revenue of an ecommerce website. Thus, for this experts need to do the process of technical SEO.

Due to the technical SEO factor, Magento wins the battle against Shopify because Shopify does not offer the flexibility of Technical SEO.

Ranking and traffic both are the backbones of revenue generation of an ecommerce store. This is possible when the task of technical SEO is done efficiently.

eCommerce Store development

G). Robust Online Community Support:

Support of Online Community is the important thing for the users to solve time to time issues on the ecommerce website. However, Magento 2 Providers also make sure about the bugs and hassles in the store.

When you want to solve or fix the issue by yourself in the open-source platform then you can put the query in the support community of Magento. Not all development technologies have a robust online community store.

Thus, when you are going to add any technology for your ecommerce web development then must check the online community support facts.

H). Easy to Upgrade and Update Website in Future:

7th and last reason that Magento is better than Shopify is the ease of update and upgrade the website in the future.

Developing a website in Shopify is quite a less time-consuming task for you but when we talk on the grounds of updates, upgrades and changes then we can say that Shopify is also diplomatic for the changes rather than Magento.

Magento ensures higher flexibility in the updates and upgrades of any kind of design and function in the store.

Last Lines: 

We are sure that exploring these 7 reasons provides you enough information that Magento is always an amazing choice for your ecommerce store development goals rather than Shopify.

It includes many advantages which are mainly user-oriented. We hope you understand how Magento becomes an ideal open-source platform for the development of your products and services store.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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