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May 22 2019

What’s New and Significant with WordPress 5.2 Release !

What’s New and Significant with WordPress 5.2 Release !

After the recent release of WordPress 5.1 RC1, the opportunity reopened to work on WordPress 5.2. WordPress 5.2 is currently accessible. It officially got released on May 7, 2019. It was made public with the terminology “Jaco,” named after the well-known jazz musician Jaco Pastorius.

With this WordPress Development update, the database version was being restructured to 44719 with the Trac revision being 45294. For downloading WordPress 5.2, you can update it mechanically obtainable right through the current dashboard.

How WordPress 5.2 is Beneficial?

WordPress 5.2 offers you powerful tools to identify and fix configuration problems. It solves the critical issues and errors concerned with WordPress Development Solutions. Whether you are a development professional assisting your clientele or you handle your site on your own, this tool can lend a hand getting you the precise information when you want it.

✅ Site Health Check

Generating the Site Health functionalities and features it released two more new pages to assist in debugging frequent configuration issues. It also put in space where developers can comprise debugging details for website maintainers.

✅ PHP Error Protection

With this update, the administrator will let you securely handle fatal errors without any need of a developer. It enhances and manages “white screen of death,” and offers a way of better entrance to the required recovery mode, which pauses error related plugins and themes. This is a helpful feature for less tech-savvy users.

✅ Updates related to Accessibility

A number of alterations work out mutually to advance contextual awareness and keyboard navigation flow for those utilizing screen readers and other supporting technologies.

✅ Updated Dashboard Icons

The thirteen new icons even comprise of Instagram, BuddyPress, and rotated Earth icons for world-wide inclusion. You can have some enjoyment using and accessing them right from the dashboard.

✅ Plugin Compatibility

WordPress will now routinely verify if your site’s version of PHP is well-matched with the required and installed Plugin. If the Plugin needs a higher version of PHP which is presently utilized by your web portal, WordPress will not enable you to activate it, stopping the overall probability of arising compatibility errors.

Moving to the developer-focused alterations and highlights, which include the following updates:

✅ PHP Version Bump

The least supported PHP version is currently 5.6.20. So, WordPress theme developers with WordPress 5.2 can enable themes and plugins more securely, taking the needed benefits of namespaces as well as anonymous functions.

✅ Updates in Privacy

With the conditional function, the new theme page template and with the help of 2 CSS classes the designing and customization of Privacy Policy page has turned much more straightforward than in earlier versions.

✅ The New Body Tag Hook 

With the 5.2 release a wp_body_open hook, the themes back injecting code from the initiation of the required <body> element.

✅ Building the JavaScript

With the adding up of webpack and Babel configurations in the required scripts package, the programmers won’t have to be anxious about setting up multifaceted build tools to code with the modernized JavaScript.

✅ The Performance Checks

The performance checks comprise of checking of the newest WordPress versions, new version check of PHP, Up to date SQL server, installations of required PHP modules, support of UTF8MB4, scheduled events, managing HTTP requests, accessibility of REST API and perform needed loopback requests.

✅ The Security Checks

The security checks comprise of just running active themes, latest plugins, securing HTTPS connections, having debugged mode off, checking all the communications are secure along with working of background updates.

✅ Adding a Percentage Score Grade

A percentage score grade has been added at the top of the page which deals with how many tests your website passes. Some professionals aren’t pleased about this feature. And there is a debate amongst the developers on the existence of this grading system. The key reason is that scores now and then generate added issues as users are possessed with scoring a complete 100%.

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Key Takeaways

There are a lot of essential things filled into WordPress 5.2. The new Site Health Status information will lend a hand to educate users on the most excellent security and performance benchmarks. It will be appealing to see how the percentage score comes into action here; however, it will definitely help to raise better levels of awareness like running the newest version of PHP, removal of themes as well as plugins that are not active and much more to follow.

The new Site Health Info information should considerably facilitate developers to get the details they require even while working with users. This scenario leads to less number of tickets for plugin, theme development, and hosting. You will in all probability observe many developers modernize their documentation to necessitate that you take in an export of the info screen data previous to you can even place a ticket.

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