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Mar 8 2018

Top 10 Amazing Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2018

Top 10 Amazing Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2018

Are you looking for the top social media plugins for your WordPress site?

Finding the right social media sharing plugin for WordPress is more difficult than we think.

Thousands of social media plugins for WordPress are there but which is the best for your website, It should be easier for us to find a functional social sharing plugin that does what we need it to.

Let’s start:

Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugins

Social media marketing is the latest trend which every marketer has to follow if they want to be successful in any business. Today, the number of people online is more than ever. Hence, it has become the most effective way to perform marketing. This is the reason why WordPress offers tons of social media plugins for marketers. Also, WordPress is one of the most preferred platforms for content marketing. Over 75million websites are running on WordPress. The reason why people use Social media plugins available on WordPress is that it is open source and easy to use. WordPress is the starting point for any novice web developer. We can design websites starting from its basic version to the high-end version of WordPress and that too all by using its default plugins. There are various types of plugins among which Social media plugin is one of the most used plugins for WordPress.

Now Look for in 10 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress are mentioned below
1. EA Share Count (FREE)

EA Share Count helps us to determine the number of shares which were performed by the visitors using the direct share buttons placed on the website. The only con with this social media plug-in is that it only allows users to share information on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Stumbleupon, etc. There are 3 button styles.

2. Monarch (PAID)

Monarch is the best social sharing plugin created by Elegant Themes.

This plugin allows you to display share counts once they reach a certain range which is great for avoiding negative social proof.

In addition, you can show social icons in your sidebar and you can monitor social shares in an attractive looking interface.

3. Sassy Social Share (FREE)

This is also a better plug-in regarding features and it’s easy to use as EA Share Count. One of the best features of this social media plug-in is that it offers an unusually high number of social media platforms. It has a floating menu which has icons to all the social media sites, and it moves with the scrolling of the website. Also, there are three types of button styles available on this plug-in which are Rectangle, Square, and circle.

4. Simple Share Buttons Adder (FREE)

Simple Share Buttons Adder plugin is a minimal sharing solution. This plugin provides you automatically insert social media sharing buttons into above and below your content area. You can also insert this social sharing buttons into your homepage and archive.

This plugin supports 15 social media services, and the plugin lets you change the text that’s displayed next to the sharing buttons. You can configure the styling of buttons, their alignment, and the container. the plugin has 9 amazing button designs.

5. AddtoAny (FREE)

The highlighting feature of AddtoAny is the universal menu that is provided with the plug-in. It also has tons of social media sharing options available. It is a lightweight social media plug-in. It can be used by any Offshore WordPress Development.

6. Shareaholic (FREE)

Shareaholic is a flexible free WordPress plugin that offers social media sharing buttons and related content blocks.

The plugin has an absorbing configuration page. You can customize your sharing buttons separately for above and below your content on posts, pages, homepage, and categories (i.e. 8 unique areas). The customizer allows you to choose from 4 themes and from 7 headlines (although, if you prefer, the headline can be removed).

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7. WordPress to Buffer (FREE + PAID)

As the name suggests it stores all the social media posts in a buffer and then releases them from time to time and one by one as we suggest. We can schedule automatic posts to different social media sites. It works with all the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

8. Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare (FREE)

Mashshare is a professional, highly customizable, big and bold social media plugin. The free version supports Facebook and Twitter social service and displays the total number of shares and views. The sharing bar can be displayed above or below posts, pages, and other post types.

This plugin also provides subscription box feature. you can configure its contents using the WordPress editor and you can also link the subscribe button directly to a specific URL. This feature that distinguishes Mashshare from the competition.

9. Social Icons Widget by WPZoom (FREE)

Adding Social Icon Widget WPZoom social media plug-in helps us to add the social media icons easily. The significant styles available are rounded, square and rounded borders. There is also a color-changing feature available with this social media plug-in.

10. Revive old post (FREE + PAID)

Revive old post is another automated social media plug-in. This is one of the most popular plug-ins which is used for automatic posting of social media content on the website. One of the major advantages of using this instead of WordPress to Buffer is that it also allows users to retrieve some of the most famous old posts as well.

Which plugin do you choose for your WordPress website?

Share your experience with us. If you have another social media plugins you use for your WordPress website then comment in the comment box.

We hope this article helped you find the top social media plugin for your WordPress site. You may also want to see 7 Profitable Social Media Marketing Trends of 2018.

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