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Jun 2 2020

Strategies to bounce back your eCommerce business from COVID-19

Strategies to bounce back your eCommerce business from COVID-19

It is a stressful time! COVID-19 has changed everything. In the upcoming days, we will have a clearer picture of how it has disrupted the entire world and how we will live our lives. While this global pandemic has left millions of people to their knees, many industries are struggling not only to make profits but also to sustain in this uncertain situation.

More and more brick-and-mortar retailers have started shutting down their doors to obey the social distancing law. As a result of this, the eCommerce market has seen a great rise in just a couple of days!

As per the Global Shopping Index report published by Salesforce, the number of digital shoppers increased by 40% year over the year. In the first quarter of 2020, mobile eCommerce traffic has witnessed a great rise of 25% across different industries. Moreover, during March 10 and March 20, the purchase of essentials (like personal care, medications, daily supplements, etc.) increased up to 200% than usual days.

For many, they feel taking their traditional business online with the help of a web design agency will be as easy as putting the cherry on a cake. But, do you think it is that much easy, specifically when the majority of the industries are struggling to even survive in this pandemic? Taking business online is not that difficult, but making it run smoothly in this crisis is something that takes skills!

Do you know how you can run your eCommerce business smoothly during COVID-19? Let’s take a quick review of things you should make a practice of during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure your eCommerce business run smoothly.

Keep in touch with your resources/employees

When facing a hard time, employees, and resources working for you will seek assurance and support from you. Of course, you cannot convey all details to each and every one of your eCommerce businesses. But, communicating with the key resources in a timely manner will increase their trust in your leadership and help them feel they are not the only ones fighting back corona.

Think about resuming your online business

Of course, this is an unrealistic suggestion since it is not at all possible to identify when this pandemic will fade off and the crisis will end. But, you can definitely think about how you are going to resume your business. It is a time where you can think and plan a strategy to bounce back once things get normal. 

Look around for the innovation and opportunities

There is no denying that the time today is not in favor of anyone! However, the eCommerce business is heating up high due to the lockdown of human essentials. If you are into the supply of essential life items, you must be getting a huge demand for your service. But are you going to do your business the same way you were doing earlier? The answer is no!

It is high time for you to think about innovation and opportunities to make your business adaptive to the new normal life concept. You can get help from industry experts or professional website development services to redesign your online presence. Think about changing the model of the business or think about contactless delivery or anything else!

Think about the relocation of necessary resources

Not everyone can perform their task from home, specifically when you are working in the eCommerce business. Try to think about coming out of the odds and make things work for everyone. If required, try to think about relocating the staff where they can work comfortably. It would be a great gesture for them as well.

Utilize technology to stay connected

Collaborating with your team and business partners is the next most important thing you should be doing in this crisis. And technological advancements can easily help you do so. Leverage from various third-party applications like Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc. to stay connected with. In case you want something different, you can get it developed with the help of web development company India.

Observe consumer behavior change

With the lockdown announcement, people are forced to stay at home and experiment with different things to entertain themselves. It has changed their habits and behavior about certain things. Try to perform an analysis and incorporate the necessary changes or introduce something that can help you cater to the changing nature of the consumers easily.

Build your eCommerce Site

Think about location-based offerings

One of the biggest challenges in running the eCommerce business during the COVID-19 pandemic is to continue the supply chain. Since the majority of the cities are either converted into containment zones or cluster quarantine, it is not possible to proceed with the delivery or supply of the ordered items. In such a case, it is the vice decision to opt for location-based offerings. Filter out the locations affected heavily by the COVID-19 and prioritize the cities or zones where you can smoothly run your workflow.

Having an eCommerce business is shady in this critical time. Feeling optimistic and positive is something that would help you achieve long-term results for your business. However, all alone you cannot fight back COVID-19, and having a technical partner or professional Web Development Company India can be a great option prepares for the rise in the future! At present, the important thing is to “Stay Home, Stay Safe” and follow SOCIAL DISTANCING!


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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