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Serve your online customers “EFFECTIVELY” in COVID-19 pandemic

Over 3.7 million confirmed cases recorded across the world. And chances are higher that the figures will rise with each passing day. With the massive unemployment, the chaos regarding involvement of China in the spread of COVID-19, and the competition of inventing the vaccine to fight back, the world has seen a lot in the first quarter of 2020.

The humankind today tries to find ways to cheer up in this pandemic. Many of you might be thinking -“Can I sit in the park outside my home and get some fresh air?” or “Can I send flowers to mother on this Mother’s day?” To be honest, the situation will never be the same again! We have to start accepting the fact that we will have to LIVE with the NEW CHANGES in our lives. We will have to LIVE our lives with CORONA and start reinventing the ways to regain our lost expertise and start thinking on how to help our business to get up, walk and run like it was earlier.

Since the lockdown has extended, many online business owners have faced challenges running their website smoothly in this pandemic. Are you one of those website owners feeling stuck with a glitch in your website’s core functionality? Looking for web design company India to help your website’s core functionality is always available, accessible, and discoverable?

This post provides guidance to help you ensure your website is available to potential customers during COVID-19.

How to handle Availability and Reliability?

If you are running an online business of grocery or household items, your website might witness a huge traffic spike and maybe it goes down due to load. Ensure that you follow a few simple steps mentioned below or get help from the web design agency:

  • Try to remove any unnecessary images, product photographs, videos, or any other media content. Make sure each page of your website delivers functionality needed the most during this pandemic situation.
  • Make sure that images or media content uploaded on the website to aid the design quotient is highly optimized. This will help you lower the server bandwidth consumption and make your website available all the time. To do so, you hire a web designer or web design company in India.
  • If you observe a sudden increase in the usage of your website, try to have a look at the security settings and make sure adequate protection is enabled to avoid any type of cyber-attack during COVID-19.

What about Accessibility?

When you don’t have instant support available for your online business, it is crucial to focus on the accessibility of your website. Just follow a few simple techniques mentioned below to ensure your website is accessible all the time:

  • If you are already engaged with any web design agency, try to get in touch with them to know how product managers, web designers, and QA teams can contribute to ensuring your website’s core functionality is accessible with ease.
  • Try to conduct a quick accessibility review to identify what all things are working seamlessly and what all changes are required in terms of design improvements.
  • If you have heard about the term called “Lighthouse Audit”, then it is time to apply the same at this time to get to know the Knitty-gritty stuff hampering the accessibility of your online business.

I want to know more about UI/UX! Well, here it is to help you deal with the user experience and design hurdles:

  • At this time, people are frustrated and if they see a banner, which is hard to get rid of, then they will get frustrated. So, try to have a banner that can be removed by clicking on the X button. If you hire a web designer, they can easily help you out.
  • Consider adding colors and fonts that help you stand out differently from the crowd and help you highlight core functionalities on the go. You can get in touch with the website design company in India to discuss how you can make it better instead of trying out yourself.
  • Try to adopt the mobile design principles and make sure that the design of your website doesn’t hamper on mobile devices. In the current situation, people are reluctant to use conventional devices to access the website.
  • Remember to reduce physical interactions.
  • Do you think the web forms designed are efficient enough to handle the large traffic? Make sure you validate it and make necessary corrections at earliest.

Hire a Web Designer

There are a lot of other improvements and changes you can do in this pandemic to ensure your website battle effectively in case of heavy traffic. Remember to help people feel like they are heard and managed to survive in this COVID-19 situation because of your online business.

Instead of focusing on increasing revenue, it is high time for all to think about providing access to the needed things through the online platform. Let’s confront corona and online business challenges with a positive attitude and by simply following the hacks discussed here.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!


Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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