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Sep 4 2023

Best Magento Security Tips to Protect Your Online Shop from Hackers

Best Magento Security Tips to Protect Your Online Shop from Hackers

The eCommerce industry is rapidly growing, and this type of website has very sensitive data like payment details and other personal details of the customers. That’s why for an eCommerce website focusing on security is an important business activity. If you also want to secure your website and learn some best Magento security tips from experts, read this until the end. 

Nowadays, Magento has now become a significant force in the eCommerce industry because of its regular updates and features. Additionally, the best advantage of using Magento for ecommerce stores is the out-of-the-box security of the platform. Now let’s understand what is the meaning of security for a Magento eCommerce website. 

What is Meant By Magento Security?

Magento Security Tips

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms that provide built-in security features that reduce security hazards such as data leaks, information theft, unlawful transactions, and other malware attacks. When it comes to Magento security then you need to make sure that you have applied some major modern Magento security tips like trusted themes, updated extensions, reliable hosting provider, and so on. To learn more Magento security tips read down. 

Magento 1. X Eol – Does It Matters?

Yes, it does!

Some years before, Magento announced that they would not provide any additional security Magento patches and updates. The reason behind is clear that Magento 1 would not be entertaining with any security patches.

It can prevent your store from unwanted attacks like DDoS or any payment gateway security issues. In any case, if you are still using Magento 1, it’s going to be a nightmare in the long term.

Therefore, you need to be smart enough and hire a Magento development Company to migrate your Magento 1 store to Magento 2. Usually, these harmful elements invade websites to conduct suspicious activities like Spamming, Phishing, Stealing user data, and so on.

Best Magento Security Tips: How You Can Secure Your Magento Store In 2023?

Magento Security Tips

By following this checklist, you can prevent your web store from any kind of Magento security issues. These tips can helps your site from Magento security to keep your ecommerce store safe from hackers:

Always Use The Latest Version Of Magento 

Using the latest version of Magento is the best Magento security practice. While this is true, developers usually fix previous Magento security patch issues in the new releases. Hence, staying informed about the latest Magento patches version is essential. 

Use 2-Factor Authentication Of Magento

Magento 2 platform offers an excellent Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) extension, which provides a layer of stealth or surreptitious movement. It only allows trusted devices to access Magento 2 backend using four different authenticators.

The built-in Magento Two Factor Authentication extension allows you to enhance your Magento admin login security by using your smartphone’s password and a security code.

Also, a few other Magento extensions offer Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), so you don’t have to worry about password-related Magento security risks anymore.

Create A Unique Admin Panel Path

Go to to access your Magento admin panel. However, hackers can easily gain access to your Magento admin login page and launch a brute-force attack.

You can avoid this by using /admin with a custom term (for example, “Store Door”). With this feature, Magento also prevents hackers from accessing the admin panel with or without obtaining the password. The Magento 1’s local.xml file and the Magento 2 env.php file can be edited to change the Magento admin path.

Get A Secured Connection (SSL/HTTPS).

When you send data, such as your login information, over an unencrypted connection, there is a risk that it will be intercepted. This interception can provide assailants with information about your credentials. You must use a secure Magento connection to avoid these issues.

In Magento, you can get a secure HTTPS/SSL URL by checking the tab “Use Secure URLs” tab in the system configuration menu. It is also critical in making your Magento website compliant with the PCI data security standard and securing your online transactions.

To begin, use Let’s Encrypt to obtain an SSL certificate. It will also assist you in achieving PCI compliance.

Use Secure File Transfer Protocol

One of the most common ways to hack a website is to guess or intercept FTP passwords.

 To prevent this from happening, you should use secure passwords and SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol), which uses a private key file for decryption or authenticating a user. 

Backup Features

Having a working backup strategy is just as important as taking stringent preventive steps for Magento security. This comprises both downloaded backups and an hourly offsite backup strategy. A backup strategy will guarantee that you don’t encounter any downtime in the event that your website is hacked or breaks for any other reason.

You can prevent data loss by storing website backup files in an offsite location or arranging backups through an online backup provider. Data backup ensures that no data is lost. It is always a good idea to ask your hosting provider if they have a backup strategy.

Turn Off Directory Indexing

Another way to improve Magento store security is to disable directory indexing. You can hide various paths through which your domain’s files are stored after you disable the directory indexing option.

It prevents hackers from accessing the core files of your Magento-powered website. However, if they already know the full path of your data, they can still access it.

Hire Magento Developers

Use Caution When Entering Your Magento Password

Do you remember to open the door of your house, you use a key. The same thing happened with the Magento store. The password of your website is your Magento store’s key. That’s why you need to pay particular care while deciding on a password. Meanwhile, when creating a password, use a combination of upper and lower-case alphabets, numbers, special characters, and so on. 

Never access any other website using your Magento passwords, either. You need to keep your Magento password separate from the other app. So, you can prevent hackers from getting your Magento store password.

Close Email Security Gaps

Through the pre-configured email address, Magento gives its users a fantastic password recovery option. The security of your entire Magento store is in danger if that email ID is compromised. You must make sure that the email address you use for Magento is secure with two-factor authentication and is not available to the general public.

Invest in A Reliable Hosting Plan

Shared hosting, in our opinion, is not a good option for any ecommerce business. Typically, shared hosting appears to be a good option for Magento startups; however, investing in shared hosting means compromising Magento store security.

Dedicated hosting is another option, but it may be insufficient for your needs because you will be limited to a single server. It restricts your resources and causes the website to crash if your Magento store traffic suddenly increases.

Remember that the cheap hosting plans promise features that they cannot deliver So try to avoid such plans because they lack knowledge of Magento security issues.

Avoid MySQL Injection

Although Magento’s most recent updates and fixes offer good protection against MySQL injection attacks, depending completely on them is not always the best course of action. To keep your site and customers safe, we recommend that you install web application firewalls such as NAXSI. Magento 2 security patches are also available from the official developers.

Obtain Experts Review On Magento Security 

Magento developers aren’t always security experts. Yes, a lot of them can code, but very few of them are familiar with the intricate details of Magento site security. That is why, once (or perhaps twice) a year, you should have your website analyzed for obvious flaws and security flaws.

You can take Magento 2 security patches from reputable security firms for any security flaws, bugs, or coding loopholes. This includes running security scans on the whole Magento 2 site and other installed extensions. These reviews, when performed correctly, aid in hardening your Magento security.

Join Magento Community

Magento has a thriving tech community that is always available to help you in times of need. You can search for and post questions about Magento’s security or features. You can also get the security update info from professional Magento developers in the Magento Community.

Append Security Key

You may quickly append secret keys to URLs using the Magento 2 eCommerce website builder. The admin panel will only be accessible to people who have the key, preventing hackers from accessing it.

By integrating keyboard inactivity time as a measure, you may further increase the security of Magento 2. By doing this, the session will end and the administrator will be able to enter the admin panel once more.

Use Magento Security Extensions Tools

Last but not least, using Magento security extensions is also a good way to protect your Magento ecommerce website. There are so many Magento extensions available in the market that you can buy. Apart from this, you can also hire any Magento eCommerce Development company and get customized Security Magento extensions for your business. 

In our opinion, a custom security extension is a better option as compared to pre-built extensions. And that is because with a custom developed Magento security extensions, you can get total control on which data you want to collect and how you want to manage that. 

However, if you want to know more details about Magento security extension then you can contact India’s leading Magento Development Company, Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. We are the best place who has highly experienced in developing top-notch Magento extensions for ecommerce stores. So, if you have any doubt regarding your eCommerce business then this is the best place where you can know professionals’ top security of eCommerce growth. So, to know more contact experts on now.

FAQ on Magento Security

1. How Can I Know That A Magento Patch Has Been Installed Or Not?

You can find it listed in the app/etc/ directory. You can scan your site with “Magereport” to see if the patch is installed or not. OR you can also use any other third-party tool.

2. How Can You Protect Your Magento Store?

Try to implement the best that the experts give you. Use the pro tips mentioned by Magento to protect your store from any uncertainty.

3. Can Magento Be Hacked?

Magento is a very stable and secure platform with some of the best security features available. And the Magento app is really less likely to be hacked. More than 250,000 businesses choose the Magento platform to run their e-commerce sites. If your Magento site is not secured properly, the risk of getting hacked is very high in this digital world. 

4. What Exactly Is A Magento Security Scanner?

Magento has released a new security scanning tool that allows Magento merchants to monitor their sites on a regular basis and receive updates on known security risks, malware, and unauthorized access.

5. What Exactly Is Magento 1.X Eol?

Magento will cease operations on June 1, 2020. This means that there will be no security patches or updates available for Magento 1.x versions.


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