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Jun 15 2018

Key Elements to Consider While Convert PSD to Magento

Key Elements to Consider While Convert PSD to Magento

There is no second thought or opinion that Magento is the most powerful tool which dominates e-commerce platforms in every aspect. Over the past few years, Magento has dramatically covered almost 60% of the eCommerce websites around the world. Magento is one of those intuitive tools which helps in creating web applications based on the existing trends. Hence, PSD to Magento conversion is embraced by almost all the businesses be it a small start-up or an enterprise. At a glance, Convert PSD to Magento theme conversion process is like any other PSD slicing, i.e. PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress.

While Slicing The PSD Files There Are A Few Key Elements To Consider Which Includes

Preparation of The PSD Files

The foremost step is to analyze the requirement and plan accordingly. As a practice to convert files into Magento the PSD files are created with Adobe Photoshop image editing software. One should always consider creating neat PSD files and choose the font and colors cautiously.

Slicing the PSD Files

In order to convert PSD to Magento the second step is slicing PSD images into layers. At this stage, all the static design elements are separated into different parts so that encoding them becomes smooth. This process needs expertise and precision as it is a crucial stage and all the elements must be saved into PSD format.

Converting PSD to HTML and CSS formats

PSD to Magento India

After the slicing is completed the immediate next stage is converting PSD files into HTML and CSS formats. All the sliced PSD files are coded into HTML. These images should be saved in index.html and style.css as they might be required for coding in respective programming languages. The main aim of CSS is to beautify and make the website visually appealing.

Integration into Magento

Once the PSD to Magento Conversion is done the immediate step is to integrate into Magento CMS. This process requires expertise and one will have to ensure the responsiveness of the selected theme so that the website functions flawlessly in all the possible devices and screen. There may be a need to create direction, folders, and sub-directories.

Adding Data and Do the Quality Testing

Finally adding relevant data like products/ services, categories, prices and images into the e-commerce store is the major task. Once the data has been uploaded, do a thorough QA analysis and ensure the responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.

Blessed with Important Benefits of Convert PSD to Magento

To attain a sturdy online presence, you should always consider PSD to Magento theme conversion as it ensures flawless browsing and shopping experience. While taking care of the key elements in the process of converting PSD to Magento you are blessed with ample of benefits such as:

  1. Compatibility – Magento is highly compatible with all the possible browsers one could think of which includes Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, etc. Hence making your e-commerce website reach a maximum of users and not limit its reach to a certain set of users. This eventually generates more traffic for your e-store.
  2. Customization – Magento is a customizable platform and the conversion of PSD to Magento makes it all the more flexible to make your e-store appealing as per your wish with the help of a hassle-free process.
  3. Easy Optimization – The handy features make store optimization a hassle-free task. You can add and delete features as per your choice and ignore unwanted stuff from your website in just a few clicks. Hire Magento Developer will surely help you ease the optimization process of your eCommerce store.
  4. Improved Ranking – PSD to Magento provides a better ranking on major search engine platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  5. Visually Appealing – Adding more features and creating an unforgettable shopping experience is an achievement on its own. Converting from PSD to Magento gives you the flexibility to add and remove features as per your business requirement.
Magento Community is Effectively Contributing

Magento community is extremely valuable as they assist with the best client support. They smooth all the required processes to beat the issues that are generated during development. The community comprises of and involves all the different stakeholders along with users, merchants, store owners, developers, technical support teams as well as service suppliers.

Throughout the life of your online store, these are the essential elements and sources for your support. You may consistently realize that a community member able to fix the troubles will take you through the support procedures.

To get updates with the most up to date happenings in the Magento world, you can have a look and follow Magento forums and other Magento support portals. On the forum, you may furthermore explore numerous events Magento is hosting.

Key Takeaways

These all reasons are good enough to convince you to make the transition and make your E-Commerce website more interesting, user-friendly and promising. So, hire PSD to Magento services from professional service provider companies and get the most out of your website.

Moving Ahead with Magento

While Magento is straightforward to use, building and developing the websites needs proper knowhow of the technology platform as well as precise business requirements. If you have an upright budget you should reach out to a good design and development service provider company for your Magento development projects.

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You can request a free quote or you can contact us. It would be really great if you can share your brief design and development project requirements so that we can discuss it in detail along with our suggestions.


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