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Oct 7 2020

Why choose easy contact form extension for Magento 2 store?

Why choose easy contact form extension for Magento 2 store?

Magento website owners are very lucky as the CMS platform offers a lot of extensions to add the desired functionality to the eCommerce store. You can change the look and feel of your website, and add unique features with ease. eCommerce website needs a lot of customizations to add the desired features to attract more customers and boost sales.

There are several Magento 2 extensions to add different types of functionality to your eCommerce store. Whether you want to increase your sales or add a blog to your Magento store, selecting the right extension for your website is important. You can choose a free ready-made extension or get a custom extension developed from scratch. Experienced Magento developers can help you customize the extensions to match your exact business requirements. It is important to spend some time to do some time for conducting research to find the right extension for your store. High-quality extensions can be downloaded online but make sure that you buy them from reliable vendors in the market.

When you need to select the best Magento 2 extension, you should compare the features, pricing, and limitations and make the right decision. Look for great support when selecting the extensions so that you can avoid getting stuck later on. Check the support information on the service provider’s website and read the user guides before making a purchase. Magento extensions not only improve the efficiency of the front-end and backend but also enhance your ROI.

Let’s understand more why to choose easy contact form extension for Magento 2 store


Contact form is an essential feature of any online website as it helps you stay connected with your customers and prospects. Business owners can establish seamless communication with their customers and their organizations so that their queries can be answered quickly. Magento 2 form builder from Pixlogix can help website owners add unlimited contact forms without any coding knowledge or expertise. It makes your website more interactive and useful by adding a contact form and one can enable or disable the features from the backend. As it is fully responsive, it is a trusted choice of several Magento website owners and developers across the globe. Whether you want to add a product inquiry form or integrate a CAPTCHA for form validation.

Even if you want to customize the extension and modify or add unique features, we can help you with that. We are a team of experienced Magento developers who can help you customize the extension as per the clients’ requirements and help them achieve their business objectives easily.

Benefits of Magento 2 Easy Contact Form Magento Extension


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fully responsive with the flexible front end design
  • Easy to use widgets
  • Possesses form validation and spam protection using the CAPTCHA
  • Helps you add dynamic contact forms with various fields

Magento 2 Contact Form

FAQs about Easy contact form extension

  1. How to prevent spam or bot actions on the forms?

Easy contact form Magento extension comes with a CAPTCHA to help you prevent spam.

  1. Is it possible to preview the forms before making them live?

Yes. You can preview the forms before adding them to your website.

  1. Will I be able to add multiple forms with this extension?

Easy contact form extension can help you add as many forms as you may want to. You can change the design and content of the forms as per your requirements.

  1. I already have a Magento eCommerce store? Can I still use this extension and change the way forms on my website look?

Yes. You can definitely implement this extension and create dynamic forms for your online store. You may reach us out if you have any queries or doubts about the same.

  1. What kind of support do you offer after the extension is installed?

We offer exceptional support for Magento extensions. You may contact us with any queries and our team will be happy to assist you.

  1. Does the extension help us create responsive forms?

Of course. Easy contact form extension helps you create responsive contact forms that can be easily accessed on all the major mobile devices.

Whether you require a Magento 2 contact form extension or need to add a blog to your store, look for an experienced agency to help you make the right choice. Discuss your requirements with Magento experts and integrate the best extension that matches your requirements. Take the advantage of Magento extensions to improve the efficiency of your online store. A little research will help you make the most out of your investment. You can take your business to the next level by installing the right extensions. All the best.


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