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Mar 29 2018

9 encouraging graphic design trends to follow in 2018

9 encouraging graphic design trends to follow in 2018

Being a design professional, it is important to stay updated with the current trends following in Graphic design field. Every year, we find new things coming around that impact our industry. In 2017, we found new aesthetic styles, content formats, and other tools which makes us think about what is coming next?

We are already habituated to unexpected, we need to see new trends, will it conquer new horizons, or adds more creativity to exist.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the interesting trends, we can expect in 2018
1. The ‘Glitch’ art


Before some time, You might have not imagined that a glitch art will turn into a pattern in the Industry. But today, it seems to be great fun and interesting to explore with GIFs and video, you can also try out this art with digital graphics and printed ads. It has now turned into an attractive impact, a bohemian impression of “present-day”.

2. Double Exposure


Double exposure pictures have been used by photographers and graphic designers for a long time. I’ve seen various arts and designs highlighting double exposure photos which i accept to be flawlessness in visual effect. There are also some designs that were made based on this art but did not reveal what it was aimed at.

Double exposure effect introduction is as yet a noteworthy pattern in 2018. It truly needs an extraordinary eye for subtle elements keeping in mind the end goal to influence it to work. If you get a chance that you figure out how to do it, in any case, you’ll get an awesome mix of creativity, point of view and now and again, illusion

3. Cropped Typography


Typography is a vital piece of graphic design. Extraordinary typography can add style and impact to a banner, a flyer or a brochure. An awful decision in text styles can destroy a whole plan.

If you like to add an incredible visual impact to your copy text, cropped typography is the best. You need proficiency in doing it without loss in meaning. In any case, if you figure out how to incorporate it in your plans effectively, you will get them the imaginative touch now and again your customers will request, through effortlessness and excellence.

4. Chaotic Typography


As we see a lot of chaos in our normal life, whether a chaotic lifestyle in the modern era, the constant evolution of new trends in technology, we see some chaos in the graphic designing world. 2018 delivers some fascinating pattern that adds a masterful touch to our designs through chaotic typography.

5. Typography as Real Life Elements


Words have the ability to breathe life into thoughts and ideas. In this manner, let us animate the words through human cooperation. Truly, another pattern I hope to be famous in 2018. I hope to see a greater amount of this amid the next months.

6. Color Transitions


We are used to color transitions in the past couple of years. It was a well-known pattern until 2007 or somewhere in the vicinity when everyone appeared to grasp the possibility of flat designs. All things considered, in 2018, I hope to see changes returning to life and we would already be able to see the pattern creating with iOS, Stripe, and Instagram.

7. Illustration over Photos


No one loves plain photographs. They’re exhausting. What’s more, I trust that there is no creator who did not, at a certain point, get one exhausting photograph to work with. Obviously, everyone anticipates that you will do supernatural with that. Well, if you correct motivation, you can do it. An exhausting photograph can turn into a bit of designer work with an imaginative touch.

This trend comprehends photographs with advanced illustrations and changes ordinary pictures into important bits of content, reasonable for brochures, poster or banner ads.

8. Bold Typography


There are a few organizations that did not bother about extraordinary imaginative designs so as to showcase their brands. You might think this is accessible for real brands, for example, Microsoft, Google or YouTube, however, recollect the way that they were not generally as large as they are present.

Their designs were constantly in view of bold and simple striking typographies, but then, they looked capable and attractive appropriate from the beginning.

Would this be able to keep on being a noteworthy pattern in 2018 also?

Yes, it can. All you require is to find the correct textual styles, combine them with the correct hues and obviously, the correct brand.

9. Metallic Textures


up to this point, we’ve seen metallic components as a somewhat fashion-related pattern, now, they will advance down from the catwalk directly into our graphic designing plans.

It’s normal that in 2018 and perhaps the next years, we’ll see more metallic components joined into our typographies and 3D compositions also.

They add style to fundamental designs and hence, a positive result to even the most exhausting visuals that will be made into the foreseeable future.


The digital graphic design is an immense industry. Every year shows new trends in designs and each graphical designer chooses to follow or think of something new. The trends, I imparted to you today will, in any case, fill in as motivation for the next months to enable you to make some of your best designs


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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