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Nov 3 2017

10 Free Amazing Plugins Must Have in WordPress Website

10 Free Amazing Plugins Must Have in WordPress Website

Nowadays, WordPress Website is the most popular open-source content management system (CMS) for startup business and organization. Why all business owners choose the WordPress website? Can you think about it why to choose WordPress platform among many website platforms?

The reason is that WordPress website, easy to create and provide free services except hosting services. And in this series, WordPress Plugins play the most important role.

WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language. It can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. Plugins make your complications easy and no need for extra skill only install and implement those plugins. You are done!

There are a lot of plugins available in WordPress Woocommerce Custom Development. According to the article, over 50,000 WordPress plugins available in the WordPress database. In this post, we will discuss only Top 10 popular WordPress plugins you must have on your WordPress website. These plugins will make your website complete and wonderful.

Let’s explore Amazing WordPress Plugins:

1. Delivery date for woocommerce (Free)

Delivery date for WooCommerce

Nowadays many web stores allowing their customers to select the convenient delivery dates for their orders so that customers can be available at the time of delivery and there will be less possibility of returning order due to unavailability.

With our plugin customers can choose the preferred date of delivery at the time of checkout which can be accessible by the customer in mail & Admin at the backend. Admin can easily identify these dates and proceed accordingly.


2. Akismet (Free + Paid)


Akismet is a comment spam filtering service plugin. The name Akismet made from two words, Automatic and Kismet. Akismet catches blog comments and pingback spam using its powerful algorithm. It is generally an anti-spam or spam protection plugin.

This plugin provides a status history for each and every comment so that you can know which comments were found spammy.

This plugin is free for personal sites and blogs. You have to buy their plans for commercial sites. Paid version plugin provides you more security features.


3. Jetpack (Free + Paid)


Jetpack, as the name suggests, offers a pack of powerful features for your website to make complete. This plugin provides site security, website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance and a lot more.

It’s amazing distribution features automatically share your published content to search engines to help in increasing your traffic. This plugin gives you everything, keep secure and grow your website in one bundle.

You can Fully customize your site with image tools and rich content, increase your traffic through social sharing, related content and faster load timers, provide secure logins and better protection From brute force attacks.


4. User Registration (Free + Paid)


This user registration plugin is another essential plugin you not want to miss. WordPress framework has a default register feature, you can access it from these given steps.

Go to right sidebar WP Admin panel > Settings >  General

this default feature provides register option, the user can get registered to your site by entering a username and email address, but it is not user-friendly.

User registration is a drag and drops registration plugin. It’s coming up with a lot of features so a user can easily create a better layout front-end user registration form within a minutes. It provides unlimited registration forms, multi-column support, captcha support, email notification and much more.


5. Yoast SEO (Free + Paid)


The search engine is the main factor for every website to measure the popularity and visibility of the site. Optimize your website for search engines through the SEO aspect is difficult for a user and those who do not have knowledge of SEO.

There is a most popular and great plugin Yoast SEO. It’s an awesome plugin that helps you to create optimized content and improve your ranking on SERP. It focuses on creating useful content for a user as well as SEO friendly.

it’s working on many factors like focuses on keyword and use the keyword appropriately in the content you are writing. Page analysis feature checks use of focus keyword everywhere in the meta title, description, heading, image alt tag and rest part.

It suggests to the user to properly set the content and image for search engine visibility.

In addition, it provides a snippet preview of how your page or post looks on the search engine result page.


6. All in One Schema Rich Snippet (Free)


The schema is another search engine optimization factor to increase visibility on a search engine in a different way or additional information about the website you might see like star rating, a number of reviews, images, vote, price, etc. on the search result page.

this brief information like rating, review, price is called Rich Snippet. A Rich snippet is the best way to present your website content, product or service in the search engine result page.

create the rich snippet in WordPress website is too easy with All in One schema Rich Snippet plugin. It provides extra brief information to the search engine to be displayed in the search engine result page.


7. Google XML Sitemap (Free)


It’s also a useful SEO plugin for the WordPress website. This plugin helps to search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc to fast index your website pages with a special XML sitemap.

After activation of this plugin, it will automatically create an XML sitemap for your website. A sitemap enables the search engine bots to view the complete structure of your website.


8. WP Smush (Free + Paid)


Images are the most important part of any content of post or pages which easily attract users. Images help you to deliver or spread the message in a better way than simple text cannot.

technically, quality images represent your creativity and work quality, but images take a lot of space and slow down your website loading speed. Users always ignore the slow sites. But here: no need to worry – you can compress or optimize images.

Yes, you can compress and optimize images without reducing image quality using the WP Smush plugin. It compresses all of your image files in  JPEG, GIF and PNG formats using advanced compression methods and saves storage space.

It automatically optimizes while uploading images and you can manually optimize it. You can compress 50 images simultaneously.


9. W3 Total Cache (Free + Paid)


Website performance is an essential part of the user and the server. Caching is the process for storing website data temporarily in the cache so that it loads faster the next time the user opens the same website or page. A cache is a storage place where temporary data stored for further use.

To implement caching in a WordPress site, you can use WordPress caching plugins. W3 Total Cache plugin will cache your post and pages as static HTML files that are served to the users. This caching process reduces page loading time and helps to optimize site speed and performance. The faster loading site will impact SEO and its good for you.

It features page caching, database caching, object caching, browser caching and much more. It also integrates with CDN (Content Distribution Network) services to reduce page load time. It also minifies HTML, JavaScript, CSS codes and HTTP compression so that you can save bandwidth up to or more than 70%.


10. WP-Optimize (Free)


If a user wants to remove unnecessary data and optimize the database and other resources but don’t know which one is helpful or which one is not. So, WordPress has a great plugin WP-Optimize for cleaning up the WordPress database and optimize a site.

it automatically removes the useless data on your website which slows down your site. It also removes all spammy and un-approved comments, trash posts, comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks, etc. it also keeps your database clean and optimized.



Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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