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Hourly Rate (Pay as you go)
$18 USD/hr Payable in advance
Standard Monthly Retainer (Mon-Fri / 40 hours week)
$1950 USD/mo Monthly, Payment due upon receipt
Reduced Monthly Retainer (Mon-Fri / 20 hours week)
$1050 USD/mo Monthly, Payment due upon receipt
Project Basis (Request a quotation)
Progress Basis Negotiable - Deposit with Progress Payments
  • Create responsive business websites and web based solutions
  • Dedicated Web Designers, PHP Developers, Wordpress & Magento experts
  • Specialization in custom Web Design & Development
  • More than 13 years global IT Industry experience
  • Best in technical support
  • Digital futuristic thinking
  • Good command over English to make communication easier
Our Payment Method
Our Payment Method - WIRE Transfer, PayPal, TransferWise

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