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MaBoiteaBeauteEcommerce Website

MaBoiteaBeaute is an E-commerce website for beauty products, selected by its cosmetic specialists and delivers these products on the internet.

MaBoiteaBeaute collaborated with Pixlogix to have enhancements in its Magento based E-commerce website. Pixlogix enabled the client with a powerful Magento portal with customized functionalities, responsive HTML5 and advanced filters. It integrated diverse shipping and payment methods to the portal. It made possible Instagram pictures to be listed on the homepage to get improvements in portal visibility. The efforts put in by Pixlogix assisted the client strategically.

  • Strategy
  • Responsive HTML5
  • Magento Development
  • Implementation
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Support & Maintenance


MaBoiteaBeaute collaborated with Pixlogix to have improvements in its Magento based E-commerce website. MaBoiteaBeaute was facing issues with their brand and product listing. They wanted to have all the brands and products being listed as per filters like category, brand, price and mark. They wanted all the user feedback forms integrated or the product pages. They needed different shipping and payment methods to simplify the online transactions. They required highlighted products being filtered on product pages.

They further wanted that all the blogs on the website should be published with detailed product information. They also wanted to have all Instagram pictures, best-sellers and special products to be listed on the website homepage.


Pixlogix team understood the MaBoiteaBeaute business needs and implemented the feature/functionalities with Magento Based eCommerce platform as per their requirements.

Pixlogix got the client’s new features and functionalities to be included in Magento CMS. Pixlogix enabled responsive HTML5 with high-resolution images in essential website sections. Pixlogix created advanced filters for diverse brands and its inclusive products. It customized the products and which added value to the current client products as well as services. It further customized the required online transactions and shipping services. Instagram pictures added value to home page design.

Pixlogix precisely worked with a modernized approach to get

  • An enhanced Magento portal with customized functionalities
  • Responsive HTML5 with High Resolution Images
  • Advanced filters by category, brand, and price
  • Integration of diverse shipping and payment methods
  • Instagram pictures listed on the homepage to get better visibility

I worked with Pixlogix on a ecommerce project where with the limited information provided to his team and the short turnaround time they delivered a website beyond our expectation. Could not recommend Samir and Pixlogix team highly enough! Excellent communication and delivery!

UgoMaBoiteaBeaute @ France

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    The client progressed in its online business with all the vital functionalities and features integrated into the website portal. The efforts put in by Pixlogix assisted the client strategically. The client got comprehensible online sales advancements with the ready future business plan in regards to its Magento eCommerce development platform. The website is serving the client’s customers, prospects and website visitors to get healthier online experience leading to more rise in traffic with time.

    The key takeaways were the improvements in UI / UX, high level of development and implementation, precise mobile responsiveness, uninterrupted vendor support with reliable maintenance services. On the whole, we would like to term this as a flourishing project with the highest accuracy and combination of perfect advancement towards our clients’ goals.

    • 30%increase in transactions
    • 56%increase in revenue
    • 75%increase in site visits
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