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Best wireframe & prototype tools for your website project


The main purpose of a wireframe is to ease the process of app creation or website development. It enables us to focus on the functions and user interactivity which is applicable for all the involved stakeholders. Just with discussing the idea verbally or writing it down will not serve the purpose, you will have to make your client understand with the assistance of a wireframe design. If you have outsourced your project to a professional website design company then you can be sure of getting the first look of your website or app in the form of a workable model which is known as a Wireframe and Prototype.

There are numerous wireframe tools in the market that cater to various levels of functionalities and with a diverse range of features. Some software tools can be used for simple Wireframe and Prototypes design services whereas others are efficient and allow you to create a fully functional prototype design. We have compiled a list of top ten best wireframe and prototypes tools recommended for persuasive website projects to guide our prospects and other Web Design Company.

1. Wireframe.cc

Wireframe.cc is a very simple and easy to use tool for sketching your wireframes that are ideal for creating amazing toolbars and icons of those drawing apps.

Wireframe.cc comes with access to a limited color palette which helps you to avoid delays in creating the working model. The UI elements are pretty sensitive and appear only when they are needed. The ease of use and liking the tool is totally a personal choice.

2. UXPin

This dynamic tool allows you to drag and drop the elements. You will find regular updates in the libraries for Foundation, iOS, Android, Bootstrap and hence you can quickly create a workable mock-up. This helps you to create an interactive prototype of your concept.

Additionally, you can design in Photoshop or Sketch and import the files into UX Pin and get the prototype done in no time. In order to support a full UX process, you can create pin documentation and automatically get the specs and style guides generated for the developers.

3. Balsamiq Mockups

This tool comprises of various drag and drops elements from buttons to lists. This hand-drawing styled theme purposely keeps the theme rough in order to get more and more feedback from the usability point of view of the prototype.


Pidoco allows you to add functionalities to your layout and create an interactive Wireframe and Prototypes. It includes a library full of elements which can be dragged and dropped, not only this you can also add multiple pages and layers.

You can easily share the prototype online with your clients and get feedback right into the prototype. The prototypes can be easily viewed on your phone, it is as easy as accessing the app.

5. Adobe InDesign

InDesign is a very creative and interactive tool that can be used to create PDFs that work similarly to the wireframe for your app or website. You can include animations, videos, and objects into InDesign, create libraries of page elements. This makes it easy to create a collection of several reusable graphics.

6. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop has limited features including libraries of interface elements. However, if you are looking for a straightforward, fast wireframe then this is the ideal choice for designers. Just like all the Adobe products even Photoshop gives you the ease of sketching ideas, group several elements and creates an effective wireframe.

7. Protoshare

This is an online tool built with a concept of collaborating and sharing. You can easily drag and drop various elements right from the library, it includes a sitemap and can be used with custom CSS and add your own elements. It does not allow you to export as a PDF however the prototyping features are worth exploring.

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8. Pencil Project

It is an open-source wireframing tool that is absolutely free and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. This tool is filled with features like multi-page document, external object import, as well as aligning, scaling, rotation and more. The tool comes with preloaded templates which have the ability to export to HTML, PNG, Openoffice.org, Word document and PDF.

9. OmniGraffle

If you want a quick turnaround of your wireframe then OmniGraffle is the best tool for you. It allows you to quickly create website wireframes, diagrams, processes, charts and much more. The tool is so efficient that if you select a document type, OmniGraffle will make context-sensitive joints between them this links the lines automatically in a diagram and aligns shapes into the wireframe page layouts.

10. Axure

Axure is another multi-tool that enables you to create website wireframes and prototypes. The tool allows you to commence in a black-and-white “sketch” phase prior to adding in the colors, logos, images, and fonts. You can later move to the superior prototyping phase where you can test the required UX designs.

Key Takeaways:

There are various other wireframe and prototypes tools that can be used on a regular basis, but the choice entirely depends on you. We are sure this list will be helpful to you for your future endeavors. Feel free to share any other tool that you think might to useful to the community.


Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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