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Sep 9 2021

How to choose the best web design & development company in India

How to choose the best web design & development company in India

Are you looking for the best web design & development company in India? Is starting a business on your mind? Or you wish to expand a start-up? If yes, then you’re on the right page!

Efficient and revenue driven platform is all that you need to make your work easy. What is better than a website?! A good website takes your business to places.

A creative and attractive website allows your business to reach potential customers worldwide, thus enhancing the turnover, driving next-level growths, making you stand out from the crowd.

You have no choice! No matter what kind of small or large-scale business you run, you need a good website to increase the success potential.

There are also certain factors to be taken care of, such as UI/UX design, loading time, speed, themes, templates, modules, functions, SEO, marketing strategy, and the list goes on.

But you don’t know how to deal with these things, right? Here’s why you need the best web design & development company to handle the job efficiently.

For a good web design & development company in India that is right for you? And what are your expectations of them?

This article will help you learn the facts about how to choose the best web design company in India which may provide you with the best solutions as per need.

Table of Contents

Steps to Consider for Choosing the best web design & development company for your business

Choosing the best web design & development company for outsourcing your services in India is indeed a challenge, as there are several firms that work in this very domain.

Let’s look into the major factors that determine the quality of a great web design and development agency.

It will help you choose the best web design & Development Company in India if you’re stuck with a bunch of options.

a) Follow a Dedicated Process

Don’t leave all the work to the web design agency. You have to be clear about your requirements on the website, what you want to showcase and what not, how you want to display your products and services, and what the budget to be followed is.

Since the aim and objectives of a company remain the same for both online and offline business platform, it’s highly important that you’re focused on what gets published on your website and it has to be solely your responsibility.

Therefore, make a plan and follow the route. Reputed agencies employ the ‘planning first’ approach while building a website. That means they spend enough time to know the client and their business, look into their requirements, and decide how to translate those needs into website features. This way you can choose the best web design company in India.

web design development company services in India

b) Check their Experience

If you are juggling between numerous options and are indecisive about how to choose the best web design & development company in India, check out their headquarter established, team experience, previous works, team members, and compare your requirement with those.

This way you’ll be able to shortlist the relevant website design services providers. Selecting a company having no significant experience in web design and development will not at all be fruitful.

After all, you will want your business website to last for a long time, and to create and maintain a site like that, the web designing company should be experienced enough to provide you accurate results.

Having superficial knowledge is a turnoff! Designing amazing websites requires a lot of experience and a strong background.

c) Read Testimonials

Here comes the most important part, checking out testimonials! Reading testimonials is so crucial while picking the right web designing services provider company.

The one you have shortlisted might have work-experience with local and national clients, testimonials take you to the core of customer satisfaction.

It is a bonus point for you if the has served internationally. The companies having a good and strong client-testimonials are proof that they exceptional in the field.

A lot of times people skip doing this exercise, hire any web designing company for their service, and eventually suffer due to the glitches.

Going through testimonials helps you decide whether the web design & development company is suitable for your requirement or not.

web design development agencies India

d) Survey the Team

A skilled team of creative professionals understands your website related requirements with ease and assists you if you are unaware of web designing trends focusing on conversion rate optimization, development, and marketing.

Various agencies lack a marketing department, a facet which is overlooked by the majority of clients. Assurance of timed product delivery and quality is the duty of the marketing department. One must prioritize this fact while getting a website developed and choose the best web design & development company, which consists of an excellent marketing team.

Best web design development company India

The authenticity and loyalty of a web designing team is all that matters. It must have an expert panel which caters to the need of client and tackles every website development related issue professionally with innovative creative and innovative ideas.

Make Your Website More Attractive...

e) Recognize the Abilities

Check your probable web designing company’s website to grab an idea of how competent and responsible are they. So many companies these days claim to offer the best design and development services.

Hence, visiting their website will give you a fair idea about their work, look, functionality, clientele as well as whether their own website follows the trends or not.

Other than that, your business website will need a few extra, but, vital services like Graphics design and SEO.

Make sure you choose the best web design & development company which offers such services.

f) Case Study

Look for the company’s case studies. They are a great way to let potential clients know how you work.

From a web design & development company’s perspective, after moving from one project to another, it becomes essential to write a nice case study which further helps to build connectivity with their probable clients.

Each website project being delivered by the web developers becomes a vital portfolio piece which showcases their team’s caliber.

Writing up an engaging case study on the work can be really fruitful. Web design & development Case studies don’t have to be wordy, lengthy essays.

They provide your clients an insight into your web developing journey. They make the clients discover aspects of your potential.

The readers get a taste of your process and knowledge about the challenges you’ve faced and how you solved them.

g) Companies Registration

Make sure that the web design & development company you are choosing is registered under companies registration act of India.

The Companies Act, 1956 broadly classifies the companies into private and public companies and provides for regulatory environment on the basis of such classification.

You should check that whether the company is registered in India or not? If not, then you should not go ahead for your dream website. You have to be sure about the number of years the domain name registration is good for and of course, about the cost for the said service in order to avoid uncalled for surprises.

You can also check the registered company details at Zauba Technologies & Data Services Private Limited.

h) Are they Freelance Web Designers & Developers in India?

Hiring the best possible Indian website designer/developer for your business is the key to growth. Check out if they’re a registered firm with skilled professionals or freelance web designers and web developers in India.

Doing so will help you plan your goal of achieving an awesome website as per your requirements and most importantly your budget.

You might have to pay a little less while hiring a freelancer but while choosing the best web design & development company, you can expect significant quality, better project management, and a great support system to take care of any sudden issues.

So, better is to hire a professional and proficient web design agency for your dream project instead of choosing low cost freelancer web designers & developers.

i) Check Company Profile on Social Media Platforms

Browsing through the web design & development company’s social media handles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and CEO profiles on the websites, could strongly help you in providing necessary information about their past work, current projects, client reviews, and future prospects.

Looking through all this may assist you in taking a better decision while choosing the best web design & development company in India for your dream project.

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j) Read Reviews

This is one of the best ways to know about the skills, ability and trustworthiness of a web design & development company. Follow the steps:

Compile a list of potential web design agencies together Start by reading the customer reviews online. Check what type of reviews they have got. See how they have responded to the reviews. Gradually narrow your list of companies on the basis of that.

Sometimes even ex-employees’ reviews help in judging the goodwill of a company. Search the company’s name + reviews on Google for neutral feedback.

Beware of the web design agency ranking sites that only show positive reviews or misleading and biased information.

Authentic employee reviews are also available on sites like Glassdoor. You can also check on trusted web directories like Clutch Trustpilot, Google Reviews.

k) Rates a Company Quotes

Before choosing the best web designing & development company in India, one must be aware of the average services charge. It is better to fix the budget for website designing. As per Petra Odak (Chief Marketing Officer: Better Proposals), “There are lots of development companies in different developing parts of the world and you may be attracted to the low hourly rates, but there is lots more going on. First, you need to pick someone dependable with great references.

Make your dream website with us

Second, you need to make sure they’ve already developed a good number of websites and web apps. Finally, make sure to have an expert look over the code they write now and then because when they finish, they could leave unusable code that no one else can continue working on.”

l) Awards & Recognitions

Looking at the company’s background is of utmost importance to determine if they will be able to meet your demands in the most effective manner or not.

What could be better than choosing from the best web designing & development companies in India that have been top rated by various industry magazines and review sites, with the right blend of award-winning designers, expert web developers and Google certified digital marketers? After all, quality is what you seek.

We are award winning web design agency certified by Awwwards, Silicon India, and CSSDesignAwards.

Top web design development company India

List of top notch web design awards websites 

    1. Awwwards
    2. The Best Designs
    3. Designshack
    4. The Design Inspiration
    5. Top CSS Gallery
    6. Typeinspire
    7. Siteinspire
    8. Free CSS
    9. Web Design Inspiration
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    11. CSS Showcase
    12. We Love Wp
    13. The CSS Gallery List
    14. CSSmania
    15. CSS Design Awards
    16. CSS Winner
    17. CSS Awards
    18. CSSBased
    19. Best CSS Award
    20. Onepagelove
    21. Siiimple
    22. CartFrenzy
    23. Bootstrap examples aplenty
    24. Unmatchedstyle
    25. Style The Web
    26. Web Creme
    27. Pagecrush
    28. Galleryrush
    29. CSS Fox
    30. Best Website Gallery
    31. Foliofocus
    32. Best Web Gallery
    33. Designsnips

m) What PMS Tools they used to manage the project?

PMS tools are web design project management tools for designers. It is necessary to know if the web design agency you’ve selected is working with apt and updated web design project management software or not, something like clickup. It has a simple interface and flexible project management features.

PMS tools to plan project schedules and the team timeline to manage team availability.

They manage custom task workflows and effortless team collaboration with multiple file attachments and comments. They manage quality control and task time tracking.

Top PMS Tools for Web design & development companies.

  1. Toggle
  2. Podio
  3. Jira Software
  4. FunctionFox
  5. ProofHub
  6. GanttPRO
  7. Redbooth
  8. Celoxis
  9. Proworkflow
  10. Comindware
  11. Clickup
  12. easy PROJECT
  13. Trello
  14. Teamdeck
  15. Freedcamp
  16. Hive

n) What are the Core services of web design & development company?

A multitasking web designing agency offers a range of designing, branding, and marketing services, all that you require as add-ons while asking for a website.

The core services a web design & development company provides must incorporate responsive website designs, mobile web development solutions, and custom e-commerce and intranet experiences (with the latest web technologies).

One must expect an extension of services from web designing, logo designing, business card design & printing to corporate identity design, online shop designing and website makeover. You should discuss the core services of web agencies.

Why Web Designing is Necessary?

A great website design is the primary need for the right exposure, growth, and sustenance of your business.

Make sure the website you’re being provided by the web designing agency you’ve chosen is interactive, responsive, and effective enough to attract user traffic and allows a good amount of retention.

Poor and out-dated web designs are the most usual reasons for various problems, one being bounce rate.

Henceforth, it is really important to choose the best web design company in India that provides effective design, which enhances the visitor traffic and revenue-generation.

a) Latest Customized Website Designs

The right web designing company must provide your with cutting edge designing services from web to video along with content management and social media marketing.

Nothing better if they provide customized designing services that lend a personalized touch to your business website, a signature style which only belongs to you!

The company should be committed to designing personalized websites with excellent UI/UX designs and e-commerce solutions.

b) Responsive UI/UX

The concept of responsive design is trending, especially when it comes to search engines. A non-responsive website is nothing less than a nightmare! It often leaves a wrong business impression on your client.

Unlike non-responsive websites, responsive sites save your patience as they function flawlessly for any kind of device, be it mobiles, tablets, or any other.

When you’re on a hunt to choose the best website designing company in India, you must be assured that the experts help you with amazing UI, UX designs and creative visuals to spruce up your website’s look and seamless functionality.

c) SEO-Friendly Websites

Never forget that your business website HAS to be SEO-friendly!! It’s crucial to maintain your website at the top of search engines like Google for maximum visibility, traffic and sales. SEO improvements can do that for you.

If you want to have an impactful online presence, your website should be attractive and be compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices.

Make sure you choose a company that offers SEO services. A good Indian web design company takes care of factors like page views, unique visits, retention time, bounce rate, conversion rate, search engine ranking, etc.

If you need a Google SEO expert, it’s better you select the best web design company that offers search engine marketing services as well.

d) Website maintenance services

No website can last long if it’s kept devoid of regular maintenance. Continual maintenance helps with the site’s optimal performance.

Look for a web design company that promises you regular maintenance. The maintenance team should provide you the assurance of fixing if anything goes wrong.

Maintaining a website may include updating the content, features, themes, speed or anything that requires attention, so the website gets compatible with the browser.

No matter if you choose the best web design company in India, always ask them about the maintenance services and cost, and if the services are provided to you as per demand.

e) Clarify Your Web Design Goals

It is quite important that a good web designing company has sound knowledge of standard design principle, trends, and facts.

And, equally important is for you, as a client, to know that web designing is not just about playing with colors and displays.

Your website is the face of your business and ought to speak about your services and goals, and has to be interactive enough for great user experience.

For that, you have to list your requirements regarding your website design goals and pay good attention to what your web designing agency would bring to the table.

f) Website Design Portfolio

A web design portfolio is the compilation of projects and case studies that a web designer presents to the potential clients with the best and promising work examples.

Make sure you never miss on checking that. As the web design trends keep changing to stay in line with the latest demands, it’s necessary for you to review if the web design company you have picked stays updated with the current trends.

The team should be aware of the flat design, parallax, scrolling as well as other styles and elements.

g) Meeting Deadlines

Timely product delivery requires no missing deadlines. Reputed web designing companies work in a structured format and provide you with the best business website on time.

Not being able to meet deadlines hampers the goodwill of the company and takes away their clientele.

Hence, when you’re out to choose the best web designing company in India, communicate with them on an open note and make sure that a perfect website shall be delivered to you timely.

What type of web development service they offer?

The process of developing websites has a wide range: developing a simple static page with plain text, complex web apps, e-commerce, social network services etc. India happens to be a popular destination for web design & development outsourcing due to the plethora of resources and expertise.

You can choose the best website development company in India among a range of web developers by pondering over some simple facets:

a) Technology they Use

Giving a thought about the technology specifications could be a significant factor while choosing a web development company. Nothing beats a web developing company which is proficient in the latest technology stack.

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What best than a portfolio! Check information about a web development company provided in their portfolio. Their past projects can give you a clear idea of the types of websites they have created, and what technologies they adhere to.

Also check if they employ the latest technologies for website security. When you choose a web development company, it is your duty to ensure your business website will be offered proper security through the latest technologies.

b) Industry Specific Experience

If you find a web development company which has worked for the same industry that you belong to, then take it as a bonus!

Because they’re already years of experienced working for similar projects and have that extra knowledge to understand what exactly you’re looking for.

This can put down your pressure load when a discussion between you and the team takes place. The more they’re experienced, the easier your demands are met.

c) Focus on the Functionality and Ease of Use

Easy to use website is all that a user looks for. Complicated displays, too many pop-ups, unclear and mixed content can be big turnoff for you website user.

Factors such as proper layout, easy navigation, and call to action button play key roles in a website’s conversion factor.

Choose the best web development company which makes the use of data and adequate methods, and takes care of parameters such as responsive UI/UX design, modules, loading time, themes, functions, features etc.

d) Understands the Concept of SEO

Major element clients usually don’t pay much attention to is SEO. If you have to choose the best web development company in India, never miss the concept of optimization for your business website.

It’s very necessary to consider SEO guidelines during the development and of your website as it strongly affects a website’s structure, navigation time, and most importantly, helps to attract the right traffic and user retention.

So, you should ask if the developers offer responsive web designs. Keeping updated about SEO requirements as well as applying them to work is the key to all things good.

e) After Sales Support

After sales support is vital to keep things going in the right direction. 24/7 customer service is a critical aspect, it brings customer satisfaction.

The type of support you will ever need is totally dependent on experience. Picking the right service provider whom you can trust is important.

f) Quality Standard & Assurance

How’d you feel if you realize that the web developers you’ve chosen are not well-experienced? As a client, you will want an astonishing website that brings the perfect response to our business.

The web development company should provide you with quality and accurate results. So this type of service requires a lot of experience.

A reputed web designing company should assure you with quality web design standards they maintain and be at your service if something is not as expected.


A website has transformed into a major platform to handle a big part of your business in today’s world. Getting a business website designed in the most creative and structured manner helps in taking your business to new levels of success.

An attention-grabbing website with great features, smooth navigation, and faster loading speed helps in increasing traffic plus client engagement. Impeccable design approach with revenue generating outcome is the key to a great business.

Hence, it becomes equally important to find suitable designing and marketing professionals. Choose a web design & development company which takes care of your budget.

Don’t forget to miss on the company’s comprehensive understanding of branding and marketing along with their ability of develop creative web designs.

The talented professionals you choose should leverage your business online in the form of unique website designs and modern technologies while taking care of promoting it through result oriented digital marketing and SEO improvements.


Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel has more than ten years of experience as a Google PPC and Content Strategist. He has assisted numerous international businesses in enhancing their search capabilities and attracting more clients through Google over the years. In addition, he enjoys conducting research and creating content for audiences and enterprises.

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