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Jan 4 2023

Top Advantages of Hiring a Shopify Expert

Top Advantages of Hiring a Shopify Expert

While developing an eCommerce store with Shopify website builders, only a Shopify expert can build a highly profitable and attractive ecommerce website with Shopify. But do you know why?

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Shopify is a leading SaaS-based platform that hosts online stores for over a million merchants worldwide, including celebrity brands and eCommerce stores. This platform allows entrepreneurs to sell their digital and physical products online.

Expert services let you leverage Shopify’s capabilities for your business. A Shopify expert can professionally manage your Shopify store and optimize the platform for your business.

In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of hiring a Shopify expert, how to find the right one, and the best way to test their Shopify skills. 

What is a Shopify Expert?

A highly skilled developer with extensive knowledge and good experience in designing and managing eCommerce stores on the Shopify platform is known as a Shopify expert. They are trusted professionals that Shopify usually recognizes as experts in growing your Shopify store.

Top Advantages of Hiring a Shopify Expert: Why Should You Hire?

Your Shopify store will be ineffective if you can’t properly optimize it for your business. Below are some of the top reasons why you should hire an expert to manage your Shopify store:

#1. Shopify Expert Offers Better Customer Experience

Shopify experts can greatly enhance your business strategies. With a Shopify professional, you can be confident that they can complete their projects in a customer-centric manner once you identify customer concerns. Their input improves user experience and customer loyalty to your brand, leading to increased customer service satisfaction.

#2. Shopify Expert Can Provide Quality Work

Shopify experts provide quality services to achieve brand goals and satisfy customers. They can customize your online store and use digital marketing tools to make it attractive and functional.

It’s helpful to review individual work portfolios to find a Shopify expert with a high-quality work output. This way, you can determine which ones would bring the most value to your business in the short term.

#3. Shopify Expert Can Give Profitable Ongoing Technical Advice.

Hiring a professional for your Shopify store ensures continuous support as long as they work with you. They will always provide you with technical advice and consultation for situations you may get stuck in. This consulting service will help you update your services and continuously improve your brand.

#4. Shopify Expert Can Save Time

Delegating an aspect of your business to an expert to manage will help you focus on other business tasks. Shopify experts can reduce your workload and reliably oversee your eCommerce business.

Note that Shopify experts have different estimated times of arrival (ETA) for project completion. Therefore, you should try to determine your requirements and options before hiring a professional Shopify developer.

Shopify Experts: Where to find them?

It’s one thing to understand the value of an expert to your brand, but another to know where to find the best ones. You can use the following 3 steps to find the right Shopify expert for your business:

#1. Look in The Expert Directory

If referrals prove difficult to find an expert to suit your business needs, you can use the Shopify Experts directory. You can filter your search by city and keyword if you want a Shopify professional in your community.

The directory also allows you to customize your search based on specific price points and expertise. This is a good alternative, especially if your business is on a tight budget.

Hire Shopify Developers

#2. Ask The Community

The easiest way to find a trusted Shopify Expert is to ask other businesses. In any community you belong to, you will usually find entrepreneurs who can take help from a professional Shopify developer for their companies.

Remember, you shouldn’t hire someone based on a recommendation. Explore featured professionals on their websites or social media platforms and discover their business models.

You can also check customer reviews and projects with past clients and evaluate the value they have given to other businesses.

#3. Evaluate The Candidates

After finding the best candidate for your business, either from community referrals or a directory, the next step is interviewing them. The interview doesn’t need to be standardized because the purpose of the meeting is to make sure your ideas match theirs.

If they live locally, you can have a coffee chat to discuss your organization’s goals and the role they will play in achieving them. If it is impossible to meet physically, you can participate in a virtual meeting via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.

These meetings are also necessary for such experts to get to know you. An expert usually has experience working with many brands and can determine whether their professional relationship with you will also benefit them.

It’s a good practice to ask questions based on the skills that Shopify experts require during interviews. A reliable way to test these skills is to use a pre-screening test. A pre-test can help you assess your candidates’ skills in developing, customizing, and running a Shopify store.

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Shopify Expert: What to Look Out for Before Hiring?

A Shopify expert has technical skills and offers special services that set them apart from non-specialists. To determine an expert, attention should be paid to the following factors:

#1. Owning a Professional Website

A Shopify expert must have a professional website that communicates unique and high-quality services. An amateur web interface reflects a low level of expertise and can be off-putting. The page should include a portfolio of past work, a list of the Shopify services they provide, and their price points.

#2. Ability to Provide Free Bug Fixes And Minor Updates

A freelance Shopify expert who doesn’t add bug fixes and minor updates to their offering may not be the right fit to do the project in the first place. It’s normal to want minor adjustments to the project. Experienced professionals make minor adjustments without requiring payment for a new milestone.

#3. Thorough Understanding of The Shopify API

Shopify experts use the API to convert a regular website into an enriched e-shop. They must always know about the available APIs and how to use them.

To find out, you can explore the available APIs and ask a Shopify developer to describe and explain them. You can also ask them about Shopify’s coding language.

#4. Ability to Offer Support and Maintenance Services

Support services and 24/7 advice separate the average professional from the expert. Shopify experts are always willing to solve subsequent user or database problems.

#5. Transparent Communication

Clear communication and clarity are key to developing a Shopify online store, as any misunderstanding can lead to unsatisfactory work and additional costs.

A Shopify expert can transparently communicate on time to ensure they reflect their clients’ wishes. You can email them and assess the level of clarity of their response as well as the response time.

#6. Ability to Quickly Provide Comprehensive Results in Estimated Times

Professionals have enough experience to know the exact requirements and time to develop an online store. This means you can identify professionals based on how clearly and timely they send the correct estimated time of arrival for a project.  The ETA (estimated time of arrival) should include a detailed list of items for the project and their cost implications.

Final Words

Getting the right people on your team for any work makes all the difference in your business growth. One lazy employee can cause your business to decline, while a great employee can shine. Hire a Shopify expert and take this coin flip.

Professionals bring a level of maturity to a new company so you can move to the level of success you have always dreamed of. But finding such a company is not an easy task.

However, you can trust the customer’s review and clients’ retention rate. That will help you in finding a better Shopify expert for you. In addition, if you are looking for an amazing team of Shopify experts then Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. can be a good match for you. 

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