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4 UX mistakes – More or less made by all designers


As a designer, while working in a UI Design Services Company, you are always expected to perform innovatively. Most of the designers focus on the significance of attention to detail while dealing with UI/UX Design Services. If you are formally educated, you are confident about your craft. You study and comprehend the principles of designing, communication, color, visuals, and design dynamics. However, there is something absent.

What we are missing is the knowledge about people when working with UX design services. Designers are not straightforwardly taught to learn about different people in schools or colleges, and they realize this when they start working in a UI Design Services Company. Designers very well know their craft and understand the aesthetics, but they are never actually given in detail training on people.

Designers with short of people understanding lead to a knowledge gap. This gap affects the designs and leads to make some extremely familiar but more or less unexpected UX mistakes.

UX Mistake # 1: Assuming users recognize more than they do

Designers are logical people. They tend to spend time working with different user interfaces, so they have a perceptive knowledge of how things work.

However, all users are not having the same capacity of knowledge. This is why these assumptions that users will recognize their work are overwhelming. Designers or even we assume the users:

  • Clearly, understand all the controls
  • Know what our symbols, the icons, and the display of the logo
  • What gives undivided attention
  • Will follow all the instructions we provide them
  • Know how to discover what they desire

See the problem? These assumptions are sensible. Most designers have prepared these assumptions in their minds. And therein the real problem lies. These assumptions are not supported in reality.

  • Some of the users are clueless with innovative designs
  • Some of the users counter your controls for the first time
  • Others find designed visuals entirely puzzling
  • Some of them refuse to follow the instructions given
  • And most are not sure what they are exploring

So the job of a good designer is to direct and slim the group. Sort out those who are correct for you, move them all the way through your process, and get them to the conclusion line.

UX Mistake # 2: Designing for all the users possible

Design for the particular user. Don’t cover all the users. As it’s a horrible idea.

Users are not always your target audience. The users who can interact with your designs are not always the users you desire.

Take the most common example of Google. It focuses on the enormous mainstream of the consideration of their multiple kinds of users. However, are those only users they focus on? No, in reality, they turn down those users who do not match their target audiences in a sink to their services or products.

It tells advertisers and publishers how they are expected on the web to be. And if you disagree with Google, doing things your way and you will be penalized for it. Google blocks unwanted traffic or the bots from their sites.

This example means you don’t have to target all the types of users with your designs. You need to fix your specific target users and if you successfully attract them your job is fulfilled.

UX Mistake # 3: Use of friction in the right way

When you deal with the design industry, “friction” is a conflict to any of the elements you have used in the process. Designers are trained to trust user friction is awful. Users won’t do what we desire them to do if designers don’t intend their designs properly.

However, all the websites need some sort of friction. It is required to be turned up or down to fiddle with the right kind of users you want to attract.

Here’s how other sites have used friction successfully:

Quora has a straightforward policy. Always be respectful. Those who pay no attention to that policy are being blocked. Their process is designed in a way that it boosts the correct user experience, and ensures that their site remains a much safer place for all the users.

Craigslist hate multiple posting of the same post. They have built friction with Ghosting. They create spam reports for an ad that is posted too many times and your post is gently made out of sight from everywhere else.

Friction is a dilemma for designers. This means they are either level to overreact or they are constantly mistreated. Friction comes in all outlines however it is something many designers kick to cover their heads about.

UX Mistake # 4: Giving your boss what they desire

To avoid UX mistake it needs a lot of bravery. But it also needs something more significant: a comprehensible perceptive of the goal.

Whatever piece you are designing, what is it made-up to achieve? The website you are designing, what’s the overall purpose behind it? An apparent, perfect answer to this question is compulsory.

And the reason it is compulsory? As someone in charge is going to insist that you go in opposition to that goal. If your experience says, it will not end well. It’s effortless to go along with your boss. But on the other hand, it is essential that you strongly speak up.

If they are asking you for a bit that will upset them at the end, you need to speak up and fight for it. Instead of having bad news at the end, get them to understand early what mistakes they are making now.

A practice of not speaking up ways your work portfolio filled with average work.

Key Takeaways

Being a professional, you must have specific tools to find out UX mistakes others miss. You can make the difficult simpler, trouble-free and beautiful.

At Pixlogix, we offer the finest UI/UX design services; you can even Hire UX Designers for best business results.


Ashish Tiwari

Ashish is an SEO manager at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. With his dedication and learning mindset, he achieved many milestones in the short term. He has a good understanding of business, marketing, and promotion strategies. With 8+ years of experience, he can effectively handle online marketing campaigns for various industries.

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