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May 11 2017

Top 12 Reasons to Select Magento for Ecommerce Website Development

Top 12 Reasons to Select Magento for Ecommerce Website Development

A big worry for online store merchants isn’t to sell their products merely, however to possess them hosted on a right platform where in a Magento Ecommerce development platform can help. Great businesses aren’t solely engineered on user expertise, sturdy infrastructure and framework additionally plays a major role within the success. Once any business decides to go online, the most discouraging task for them is to search out the correct CMS to host their products. Several online stores post completely different queries associated with the CMS ought to be appropriate for his or her store. Some massive names like WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Volusion become the limelight of the many suggestions.

So, what’s the foremost ideal alternative for ecommerce stores? MAGENTO, WHY?

According to a study, solely thirty-four percent and quite a pair of 40,000 online stores are power driven by Magento Ecommerce website development platform. Now, your question would be regarding the quality of Magento platform.So, like several other ecommerce website development options, “Why should you select Magento for your Ecommerce store?” The answer is as below.

Magento has wonderfulfeatures for all the types of Online stores

Storing a catalog isn’t a simple job to try and do, right? However, Magento has all the specified options to cater inventory of any size. Among the highest options, Magento provides a simple means of computer program optimisation that helps you through the rankings of your store. All the items are enclosed starting from promotions to the client segmentation with in this platform. The list is endless however we’ve got listed a number of them that are:

  • All promotion, marketing and conversion tools
  • Catalog and merchandise browsing
  • Online order management
  • Store credits and personal sales
  • Gift archives
  • Online Payment and shipping management
  • Mobile commerce and determined shopping
  • Private sales and Checkouts
  • Customer support, services and accounts
  • Global support
  • Data Analytics and timely reporting
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Features like Backup and Rollback
  • Complete page caching
  • And much more

The list has everything your business demands, right? Well, that’s the magic of Magento, it’s one stop search resolution for all the ecommerce merchants. There are multiple other reasons to settle on the platform, we have got compiled list of some prime reasons why selecting Magento for your ecommerce store is beneficial.

12 Reasons to opt Magento for Your Ecommerce Website Development

As mentioned earlier, all the platforms have their pros and cons, except for ecommerce, we might offer Magento associate over the other platform. Below you may realize 12 reasons why Magento platform is that the solely right for ecommerce website development

1. Easy to Use

Simplicity works and market demands ecommerce website platforms that can be managed by layman too. Magento is fairly practical to be used by the developers with intermediary knowledge of the frontend. Magento has easy interface with all the functionalities available on the dashboard. Navigation is effortless, details like purchasers’ information or product catalog can be easily accessed.

2. It offers you full management

Magento Ecommerce website development features offer developers and merchants full control over both frontend and the backend, which suggests that you can simply customise your ecommerce store requirements. This is extremely helpful for ecommerce stores.However, Magento like several different platform comes with some limitations. With full management feature, you should apply as numerous changes you wish and beautify your store with extensions, plugins and development.

3. Magento is open source and free platform

Yes, it’s free! As Magento is written on PHP, it makes the platform open source and to the reach of everybody. it’s the selection of the many developers and merchants worldwide, because the code is extremely straightforward, and it won’t take a lot of time for somebody to know and customise the platform. With immeasurable contribution from the community, Magento has nice functionalities that create it the correct alternative of all the ecommerce merchants. Despite of the free version, Magento ecommerce website development platform additionally offers different pricing as per the dimensions of your store. There are two editions of Magento, one is community edition and the other is enterprise edition.

Magento community edition is free and still the developers have full management on all the knowledge resources and information. If you have a less budget you should go with this option. Magento enterprise edition is chargeable which can suit the requirements of big businesses.

4. Magento designed Themes, Templates and styles don’t sell templates directly, however if your site demands ready-made templates, then you’ll have it on Magento Connect Store. It includes all the fashionable pre-built templates which will be employed by ecommerce site owners. Along with free templates, premium templates and themes also can be found at a worth. With premium versions, you may get advance options.

5. Magento community is participating

Magento community is very useful as they invariably keep religion on client support, and invariably facilitate others to beat the problems they expertise. The community involves all the users, store owners, merchants, Magento platform developers and service suppliers. Throughout the setup of your store these are the important source for your support. You may invariably realize a community member able to fix the problems and take you through the method.

To get updates with the most recent happening in Magento, you can have a glance at Magento forums. On the forum, you may additionally realize news regarding the most recent events Magento is hosting.

6. High performance delivered

In reference to the page load time, queryprocessing time interval and alternative static or dynamic operations, Magento is the all-time winner. In keeping with the user needs, solely a few hundred milliseconds of slow process will fully kill the possibilities of Ecommerce website to interact with potential customers. Magento with advanced technologies like Varnish, FPC, Memcached, Redisand optimized databases, will entirely satisfy the wants of ecommerce businesses and their shoppers.

7. Multitasking and Flexibility

Magento permits you to perform multiple tasks at an equivalent time, that helps you to figure on alternative necessary things within the time saved. Merchants and Developers also can manage all of the things like billings, client information with simply one and easy admin panel.

Magento Developers will invariably produce a singular and beautiful user experience/frontend supportby multiple device access. Magento conjointly adds a capability to customise the back-end of the retail shop to fulfil the precise needs. With Magento, you will process capabilities of the core solutions of Ecommerce.

8. Mobile expertise

The Magento platform is combined with HTML5 to maximise the searching expertise on mobile. Also, it’s a capability to regulate the image size and support videos. Customization is simple with the inherent drag and drop feature, that provides the stylish mobile expertise.

9. Simple Integration

Magento permits you to integrate quickly with an oversized variety of third-party services as well as payment integration, information applications, transportation and shipping. Also, the Magento platform has inherent Google tools like Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base.

10. Magento automates SEO and Marketing Promotions

On different platforms, you may get to register for external tools to feature worth in your marketing promotion objectives. However, with Magento platform, you get everything hosted within the platform. it’s superb that from email campaigns to promotional widgets and coupons, you may get everything within the platform.

By default, Magento Ecommerce platform also allows all the specified SEO components which will provides anuplift to your website rankings. Just in case you would like to use advance options for your SEO activities, you’ll simply disable the default SEO check, and replace it with a brand new one. Additionally, Magento comes with pre-installed Google Sitemap, which can act as a plus for you by providing the search engines the specified data of the product your store offers to your customers.

11. Security isn’t associate possibility in Magento, it’s a requirement

Security measures are a few things that can’t be compromised, right? Well the great news is that Magento is usually involved with security and privacy of its users. By default, your Magento ecommerce store can have all the mandatory security checks put in. However, to feature a further layer of security, you should install SSL certificate and go through a verification method to secure the backend of your site.

A PCI compliant Magento ecommerce store guarantees that no information is shared to any third-party entity while not their consent. To be told additionally, you can browse Magento Security Center where you will get all the applicable information.

12. Magento Extensions Development

Magento offers kind of pre-installed options that are very useful. However, if you’re in want of made-to-order extensions and tools, then excellent news is that you simply will still have it. How? there’s an enormous assortment of Magento extensions out there within the market which will increase the functionalities of your store and may create it additionally solid. The simplest of the extensions are Magento’s “shopping cart” or “one-page cart” and plenty of others.


Magento Ecommerce website development is without any doubt a perfect resolution to bank for your online business. From normal to advance customization options, you get everything with Magento platform. Thus if your next business goal is to start out associate ecommerce website, then go no-where and transfer to Magento Ecommerce website development. Explore the matchless options offered by Magento for ecommerce businesses.

We presented many reasons why Magento ought to be your alternative for ecommerce stores. Allow us to recognize if we have got skipped any feature or reason that you simply use, and is very recommendable to the opposite community members.

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