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Jun 26 2017

Do you all really know these things about Magento website development?

Do you all really know these things about Magento website development?

Today, eCommerce website development is no longer a tough job. However, if someone enquires you to name one of the supple and the finest e-commerce platform, you probably would name Ecommerce Magento as it is beyond doubt one of them. Magento happens to be one of the top and reliable choices for people who want to set up their own eCommerce store but do not have huge amount of money to pay an expensive Magento development company.

Moreover, developers can deal with their e-stores themselves and that surely is a massive advantage of Magento website development. However, there are few other things that you require to know about Magento eCommerce development whether you are a customer, a developer or a Magento development company and they are:

User Friendly Platform

Magento website development is extremely user friendly. You can effortlessly operate your Magento eCommerce store by merely having a fundamental knowledge of programming. Even if you do not have much knowledge about programming, you can still simply build catalogs, handle content, add images, check products, and deal with orders and shipment without facing any major difficulty.

Scalable eCommerce Functionalities

Magento eCommerce development platform is an exceedingly scalable online solution. You or your technology vendor can add new functionalities and needed features without unsettling your current online store. You can always initiate with a basic thing, but there is practically no limit to what you can do with this online solution and platform. Whether you have a small business or a billion dollar company, Magento eCommerce development platform always possess all the required tools you need.

Magento platform allows you to seamlessly track and ship products, handle inventory, manage pricing, sales offers, coupons, create custom databases and let you connect with your customers. It can easily enable CRM functionalities, provide capabilities to add products and edit page contents along with offering abilities to handle your entire online business store without much technical assistances.

Operating a fully fledged eCommerce business may be tough, but Magento website development makes it simpler. Other functionalities include product alert notifications, tier pricing and nestled static blocks. These are important and advanced features offered by Magento, so make sure asking about them to your Magento development company.

SEO Friendly Functionalities

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key online marketing functionality to attain an exceptional visibility on all the important search engines. Magento encompass multiple SEO friendly functionalities and features which includes optimized URLs, meta tags and descriptions, layered navigation, sitemaps, URL rewrites and other online SEO tools that will assist you in optimizing your website on most of the search engines.

Great Market Share

In more than a few surveys, it has been originated that Magento eCommerce development platform has a market share of approximately 30% among all the other eCommerce platforms which includes popular CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Magento being the most user-friendly, simplest and affordable solution brings ways for creating an effectual and competent eCommerce online store. Almost all the top brands like Nike, Samsung, Ford and others use this platform for developing a feature rich and valuable online store.

When a platform is used by such huge brands, you can always be rest assured that this technology is safe and sound to utilize with capabilities of doing sales of numerous products online successfully.

Affordable eCommerce Website Development

With all these huge brands using Magento, you must definitely be thinking that this online eCommerce website development platform must be very expensive, correct? However actually, Magento is a cost effective solution. Magento provides their users an affordable way to design and develop an exclusive and efficient eCommerce store.

Magento being a fully open source CMS platform, you can add multiple themes, extensions and needed plugins as you want without paying any cost against them. There are quite a lot of absolutely free themes, extensions and required plugins accessible in Magento which you can use to tailor your website in a fine looking way and have functionalities needed for your online business.

Further though Magento requires a minimum up and running cost, you need to pay for registration, hosting and if required for custom theme development.

Key Takeaways

Hope now you know and value why Magento is an exceedingly recommended and reliable platform for creating an eCommerce online store. If you are also taking into consideration for developing a Magento website, you must come within reach of a trustworthy and competent Magento website development company and be rest assured that your eCommerce development project is in secure hands.

Getting Started with Magento

While Magento is simpler to use, creating and developing the site requires sturdy knowledge and technical expertise of the platform. If you have a decent budget you should approach a proper design and development company for your Magento development projects.

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