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Apr 5 2017

The Finest Web Design Trends You Can Expect in 2017

The Finest Web Design Trends You Can Expect in 2017

The web is an exclusive platform which is continuously altering and evolving, and with that in mind, here we run down what we have confidence in to be the 10 most significant and finest web design trends to expect in the year 2017.

1. Layouts that let content be the main highlight

With new design thinking, a web layout should be arranged in such a way that its design structure makes the content to be the main highlight from the reader’s perspective. It should allow the reader to effortlessly focus on the content message, without reducing the speed of his reading.

Also, in the last few years we have seen a great change in how different people interpret design’s role in business. Design has moved from an optimization stage where designers showcased creativity in design to a clear-cut competitive benefit.

This is one reason why design is shifting from compliment to minimalist design approaches which can have better and more visit to business lead conversions. Designers definitely feel that the flat design trend has taken the “life” out from design. We anticipate to see this trend continue across the year 2017.

2. Superior application of responsive design

We know what you are thinking, responsive design is not new for 2017!

Though responsive design is there in the market, what we forecast to perceive is that there will be even higher acceptance through brands, all small, medium and big building responsive-based websites.

More and more people will be aware that when they will opt for responsive web design services, their business would pay for just a single website, which in turn will efficiently deliver their content consistently on mobile, tablet, laptops and desktops.

3. UI / UX Patterns and Design Frameworks

The mobile-first initiative, pre-designed themes and responsive methodologies to web design, will have visible impact on how desktop based websites look today.

In 2017, we are starting to see both UI and UX patterns materialize across the web where many portals function and look in similar ways as they absorb from one another to polish their user experience.

The UI/UX design services companies will continue working hard even in year 2017, on how these steady UI and UX patterns would lead the web to turn out to be more consistent and user-friendly.

4. Multifaceted layouts rooted in graphic design values

If we want to forecast the advancement in web design specifically in visual terms, we should bring up to the progress of graphic design.

In the recent time, web design layout has been inhibited by CSS’s restrictions, but new tools like CSS grid and flexbox which are coming in year 2017 will enable you to create more animated layouts on web.

However, the key challenge will be to understand how the new web layouts would work with responsive design.

5. Uniquely designed layouts

The year 2016 highlighted a constant debate about creative web design either vanishing, or dropping its value.

With this scenario, designers are now coming up with creatives pursuing innovative ways to display content to the readers. And one of the most tempting methods to be blamed for this is the adoption of responsive design.

Uniquely designed layouts include innovative techniques like overlapping of graphical and typographical design elements, unsystematic text and image placements and much more advanced techniques would surely be tried in the coming time of year 2017.

Website design is an art that syndicates both creative and analytical skills to build something compelling and unique. Professional PSD layout designs are also one of the modern trend in webdesign and you find all magnificence of this trend in diverse website templates.

6. SVGs will solve major problems

SVGs (scalable vector graphics) help web designers and developers with benefits over customary image formats like PNG, JPG and GIF.

SVGs are advantageous as they are clear, scalable and vector. They are made up by vectors and are resolution independent, so they look best on any device type or screen.So, there is no need to make the whole thing retina-ready.

HTTP requests can actually slow your website. But SVGs even don’t need any HTTP requests.

Additionally, you can animate SVGs without much efforts.

7. Emphasis on animation

Animation has played an important role in our digital edges, and emphasis will again shift to it in the year 2017. Designers will get access to visual tools to assist them create engaging animations, we are sure to see them turn out to be both more projecting and more advanced.

It will become largely important as it will lead to create animations with this tools much easier. Designers would view their brand voice and tone when creating animations to make sure that they strengthen the tone content creators are directing for. So, that these animations can accomplish what is required from them and be meaningful.

8. Design leading to better content personalization and conversion

One significance of a greater than before focus on design as a medium of efficiently delivering content will be a pressure on conveying the said content to the precise person at the precise time. So, designers will be under great stress with a responsibility to increase desired actions, that too naturally.

Content personalization has been an exceptionally discussed topic in content network for quite a long time now, but no one appears to have flawlessly cracked the solution for that yet. For all intents and purposes, the objective is to serve up content based on features like behaviour, context and demographics.

Content personalization leads to better conversion ratio, but it is not just limited to it. Personalization of the help documentation can assist support request volume. Training and educational materials can reduce the churn and advance lifetime significance.

9. Healthier collaboration between designers and developers

As design is taking a more influential role in transforming businesses, more consideration has been given to designers’ collaboration with their developer partners or colleagues. The stress on designer collaboration has come up from the increase of web and mobile applications we are creating these days.

Innovative platforms on all levels brought by leading market players require contrasting aspects at this stage, which needs better collaboration, and more communication.

Different types of tools have risen to assist this collaboration, and year 2017 will still bring new options and also improvements in the current platforms used.

Again on the designer-developer collaboration areas, consideration has been given to the hand off stage. Where designers used to hand off huge packages of static specs and images, they are now working on sharing the dynamic visualizations facilitated by software tools like Marvel, InVision, and UXPinor exporting real production ready code.

As well described in a TechCrunch article “The forthcoming days of front-end development would be design”.

10. Virtual reality (VR) on the web

Virtual Reality is going to have a greater impact on the web in the year 2017, even if browsers would not contribute to support it.

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